Glitter Gel Lipstick

Swiss Beauty's Glitter Gel Lipstick adds a hue to your natural lips along with moisturization.
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How to Apply


Looking for something that can bring colour and care to your lips? Try this Glitter Gel Lipsticks by Swiss Beauty available in 3 exciting shades. It has a colour changing formula blended with glitter and gel that helps in keeping your lips moisturized all day long. It gives you a tint of colour to natural lips with a smooth sheer finish and shine. The ingredients of this lipstick includes food grade making it even safer as well as healthier for use. There are a couple of additional benefits of these lipsticks, which includes healing of dry, chapped and wrinkles of the lips. It also works efficiently as a lip balm leaving your lips looking nourished and naturally beautiful. It is formulated with a smooth and shiny texture with gel that glides over the lips for a long lasting shine that goes all day long. 

• Weight: 3.6g 

Lightweight: It is formulated with a weightless formulation that makes this lipstick unique from the rest of others and most loved. 

Instant Hydration: This gel lipstick is perfect for providing instant hydration to the lips as it has food-grade ingredients that are rich in nutrients. 

Heals Lips: It helps in healing chapped lips and reduces creases as it is highly rich in nutrient rich components. 

Glossy Finish: There is a glossy finish in these lipstick shades that highlights and makes your natural looking lips even more beautiful. 

You can wear this Glitter Gel lipstick as a balm under your lipstick to give that soft texture to your lips. 

Another way to use this Glitter Gel Lipstick is to wear it alone. With its colour tint and glossy texture, it will look dazzling. 

Use your lip liner as the base for a pop colour shade and glossy texture, and apply the Glitter Gel Lipstick over the top. 

You can also give your lips an edgy look by simply applying the Glitter gel lipstick. 

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key benefits

  • Weightless Formula

  • Glossy Finish

  • Nourishment To The Lips

  • Amazing Shades Available

style tips

  • artist tip #1

    Plump your lips before applying the Glitter Gel Lipstick.
  • artist tip #2

    Begin applying the lip liner, lipstick, and Gel lipstick.
  • artist tip #3

    Apply your lip liner as a base, then add your Glitter Gel Lipstick.

Amazing glossy and nourishing glitter gel lipstick is all here for all you lovely ladies to enhance the natural hue of your lips along with the right amount of nourishment.

Before After

Swiss Beauty is all here with a revolutionary gel lipstick in 3 variants that can give you a natural hue to your lips that will enhance its beauty along with the healing of chapped lips and creases of the lips.

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1. Is it long-lasting?

Yes, it is non-transferable and long-lasting because of the long-wearing formula.

2. Does it provide moisture?

Yes, it does provide moisture to the lips because of its ultra-nourishing formula.

3. Is the lipstick packaging travel-friendly?

Yes, the product packaging is sturdy and travel-friendly.

4. Is it non-stick?

Yes, the Lipstick (Glitter Color Change Gel Lipstick) SB-S3 is non-sticky and makes your lips soft.

5. Which lips type is it ideal for?

Though the product goes with all lip types, It is ideal for chapped lips because it hydrates your lips and minimises wrinkled lips.

6. Is it harmful to intake?

The product is made with food-grade ingredients that make it safe for use.

7. Is it vegan?

Yes, Swiss beauty is 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

7. What is the finishing of the product?

The product gives a beautiful glossy finish to the lips.

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