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Concealer Brush

Swiss beauty's concealer brushes easily blend the concealer for precise application.
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How to Apply


This brand new concealer brush from Swiss beauty is made from high-quality material. It is specially designed to ease your basic makeup requirements. The small brush head and the ergonomic handle gives you maximum control and make the process oh-so-easy when it comes to blending the concealer into the desired areas of your face. The product features include tight and compact bristles to target all the areas of the skin even to those that are not easily reachable.

To ace up your elegant makeup look, use highly efficient Swiss Beauty's concealer brush that allows you to buff and blend the product under your eyes and over the eyelids to achieve a good base for eyeshadows.

This brush is one of the essential tools for eye makeup to blend the concealer evenly. It is designed to layer the concealer flawlessly. The flat-top design represents sheer coverage and can be used to bluff, stipple and blend.

  • Quantity: 1pc

Highlights beautiful feature: By using a Swiss beauty concealer brush, you can highlight your features more intricately. Its highly firm handle tends to give more control over your hands to make your face more attractive.

Hides eye puffiness: It has become hard for us to sleep early with a work-from-home lifestyle, which often makes our eyes look puffier. The correct shade of concealer on Swiss beauty’s compact bristles can do wonders.

Cover skin blemishes more evenly: The concealer contains antioxidants that can control skin problems by giving you an efficient look. Use a Swiss beauty tight and compact concealer brush to apply product under your eyes or any other part of the face.

Absorbs less product: This powder brush absorbs less amount of product in its bristles which further helps you in avoiding wastage of the products.

In order to conceal the under eye bag form an upside triangle, side lips, forehead and under the eyebrow. Just dab on the product using the concealer brush for a perfect finish.

key benefits

  • Highlights beautiful feature

  • Hides eye puffiness

  • Cover skin blemishes more evenly

  • Absorbs less product

style tips

  • artist tip #1

    Use a Swiss beauty concealer brush to apply eye primer before the concealer.
  • artist tip #2

    Never put too much concealer on the brushes.
  • artist tip #3

    Blend the product by applying light pressure or simply tapping it slowly.


1. What is the best brush for concealers?

The Swiss beauty concealer brush is one of the handiest beauty products online. It features flexible bristles and ergonomic handles to buff and blend the product.

2. How to use a concealer brush to even out the product?

The best way to use a concealer brush is in an upside-down triangle fashion. You should always start from the desired area and gently tap it in a forward motion.

3. How to clean the Swiss beauty concealer brush?

One can clean the brushes with makeup brush cleaner or rinse them in dilute shampoo and water.

4. Why is the Swiss Beauty concealer brush the best product in the market?

Swiss Beauty Concealer brush is highly flexible and tapered in the end, making it the best concealer brush to evenly blend the blemishes.

5. How to blend the concealer around the eyes with a concealer brush?

The best way to do it is by dabbing the concealer with the Swiss Beauty Concealer brush in a very subtle fashion.

6. Can we use a Swiss Beauty concealer brush to apply eye primer?

Yes, you can use swiss beauty’s flexible concealer brush to apply eye primers around the eyes for light and even coverage.

7. What is a better sponge or concealer brush to apply powder-based concealer?

You should always use a concealer brush to apply powder-based concealer into the skin rather than a sponge.


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Concealer brush

Very good brush..... helps in precise application of product