Website Blog: Summer Makeup Must-haves for 2024

Website Blog: Summer Makeup Must-haves for 2024

Summer is here. This season of freshness and warmth also calls for a makeup switch. You would not want to look sweaty and messy at the end of the day, but only sassy, right? So, it is a good idea to add some summer-friendly makeup essentials to your kitty. !

What is Summer-ready Makeup?

Summer-ready makeup is anything that is sweat-resistant, gentle and nourishing on your skin, and not dry or cakey. Many a time, we wrongfully assume that summer-ready makeup products cannot be glowy or hydrating. But, this is, definitely, not the case. When you prepare your capsule makeup kit for the scorching season, it is essential to consider some key factors -

  • Sweat Resistant - Your base should persist through the hot and humid weather.
  • Light-weight - Summer-ready makeup is all about an airy, breezy, and lightweight feel
  • Mattifying but Hydrating - During summers, almost everyone, even those with dry skin, crave makeup that gently mattifies the skin. But, matte does not mean cakey, dry, or flat. So, an often overlooked yet essential aspect of summer makeup is feeling matte but moisturised.

So, now that the basics are covered, we can move forward to check out the top 4 summer makeup must-haves.

Top 4 Summer Makeup Must-haves

craze face primer

1. A Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray

A setting spray can be an absolute game-changer for your makeup routine, especially during summer. It prevents your makeup from getting melty, sweaty and cakey throughout the day. But, the catch here is a makeup setting spray that not just sets your makeup look in place, but also hydrates and nourishes.

We know, we know, this sounds too good to be true. But, CRAZE by Swiss Beauty has curated and perfected a makeup setting spray that doubles up as a hydrating mist. So, slay your base with every spritz and feel hydrated and nourished.

2.A High-performance Mascara

craze duo mascara black

We all love fluttery and dramatic lashes, and their significance magnifies during summers. But, why? In summer, ‘clean girl makeup’ takes over. Everyone aspires to look polished and put-together, without slapping on layers and layers of products. And, the easiest way to look effortlessly put together is by focusing on your eye makeup, especially the lashes. So, grab a mascara that is all about being extra. It should lengthen, volumise, and curl your lashes without clumping or smearing. Does it seem too much to ask for? Absolutely not!

Don’t worry girlies, we have true-blue hustlers in our range. The Duo Mascara by CRAZE has a unique dual-ended structure, wherein one wand is designed to add volume to your lashes, and the other is specially devised to lengthen and curl. It performs high-end, and feels high-end, but costs very very budget. Win-win!

3.A Luminous Lip and Cheek Tint

craze lip and cheek macaron

What’s summer without a flush of colour on your cheeks and lips? The recent revival of blush as a must-have step in our makeup routine is, honestly, one of the best things to ever happen to the universe. (wink, wink) A soft-focus and luminous cheek tint adds a flush of colour to your face and provides a sunkissed glow.

A cheek tint is a great option because it adds nourishment and a slip to your makeup, without making things cakey or messy. You can easily use the cheek tint on your lips for some natural rosiness. And, the best part? Your eye makeup is also sorted, as you can tap the product onto your eyelids for some depth and definition. Wow! This is some serious multifunctionality!

The lip and cheek macaron by CRAZE is as high-performing, as it is cute. Available in 5 summer-ready colours, this 3-in-1 tint has a creamy texture that is just the right amount of matte-moisturising for summers. Enriched with Vitamin E and Olive, your skin also gets the goodness it deserves.

4.A Tinted Lip Balm

craze tinted lip balm

Just because it is summer, it does not mean that your lips do not need hydration! Lip care is as important as brushing your teeth, trust me. Well, was that too much of an exaggeration? Moving ahead! Your summer makeup kit must include a tinted lip balm, which provides hydration and a gorgeous colour. And, make sure to invest in a lip balm whose moisturisation abilities are not fleeting or temporary, like the attention from your crush. (Wink wink). Long hours of hydration are a must, girlies!

The CRAZE tinted lip balm has a weightless feel, a nourishing texture, and an intensely hydrating capacity. It is available in 5 gorgeous shades so that you can care for your lips while still looking cute. Infused with luxuriant cocoa butter, this easy-to-use lip balm keeps your lips nourished and plump throughout the day.

Slay All Day with the Summer Makeup Must-haves by CRAZE

So, now you know what summer makeup is all about. A makeup setting spray that doubles up as a hydrating/refreshing mist, a mascara that walks the talk, a lip and cheek tint that multitasks, and a lip balm that is hydrating yet tinted are all you need to slay, serve, and give off main character vibes this season.

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