Ultimate Guide For Winter Care

Ultimate Guide For Winter Care

It's officially fall and winter again! Also, it's been a while since we were outside. Finally, the Christmas season as well as the fall and winter seasons have arrived. The ideal time has come to get dressed up once more and head out.


But applying bright makeup in the fall and winter is not the only consideration. There are also several skincare and beauty disclaimers for the colder months, such as dry skin, chapped lips, and for some of us, even a darker complexion.


Therefore, the season calls for additional focus on skincare so you may protect your skin and appear hotter than June in the chilly months of December! On the one hand, the weather is so pleasant and gratifying, but on the other, it also causes damaging skin issues. There is no compromise when it comes to winter skin issues. Either it's intact or it's not. For this reason, specifically for the winter season, we requested our makeup specialists to provide you with a few makeup recommendations. Let's start now!


1. Get Your Skin Ready for Winter Makeup

Drying out of the skin can result in sensitivity and dryness. Harsh wind, extreme cold, and central heating can all do this. Any age should have a good morning and evening skincare routine because winter necessitates extra care for the skin. To guarantee that your skin is conditioned in the morning before your wash, tone, and day cream routine, apply a rich night cream to clean skin before bed. The skin will then be moisturised and prepared for makeup.


2. Wear little winter makeup

Winter may be very drying to your skin, so it's vital to keep foundation applications light and concentrate on keeping the face hydrated. If you need additional hydration, mixing a little moisturiser into your foundation is a fantastic option. Remember that there is nothing worse than foundation that draws attention to your face's dry patches.


3. Apply moisturising lipstick.

Still on the topic of moisturising, lips are prone to become dry and cracked, so use lip balm to prevent this and choose a moisturising lipstick when wearing it to keep them looking their best. 

Consider experimenting with deep pinks, reds, and plums during the winter to brighten the face. Winter also lends itself to heavier lip colours.


4. Wear water-resistant mascara. 

Both the ordinary cold and cold wind can make our eyes wet. When you're out and about during the colder months, make sure your eye makeup is tear-proof to avoid getting panda eyes.


5. Brighten up your cheeks

While most individuals won't be using bronzer in the colder months, blusher is a product that can be used to bring colour to winter pallor. A rose blush on the cheeks will give you a healthy, natural shine without making you appear overly made up.


6. Steer clear of powders

Powders like face powder, blush powder, and even powdered eye shadow can frequently accentuate and promote dryness. Change your powder products for cream and liquid ones to improve the appearance of your makeup and keep your face soft, supple, and moisturised. You can test out products like crayon or gel eye colour, cream or liquid foundation, liquid highlighter, cream blush or mousse blush, and a moisturising lip colour.

The impact of the colder weather on your complexion might be unpredictable, but by including these winter makeup ideas into your normal beauty routine, you'll be ready. Your makeup will appear perfect, gorgeous, and natural.

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