Swiss Beauty's Makeup Must-Haves for Brides-to-Be: Achieve Radiant and Youthful Skin - #SwatchAndSwipe

Swiss Beauty's Makeup Must-Haves for Brides-to-Be: Achieve Radiant and Youthful Skin - #SwatchAndSwipe

A summer wedding can be absolutely beautiful with all the sunshine, warm weather, and blooming flowers. But with the heat and humidity, you might be worried about your makeup melting off or looking sweaty in your wedding pictures. Well, not if you have applied long-wear & sweat-resistant makeup. Moreover, you don’t need flawless makeup just for your big day; you need it before and after that too! From the first meeting to the countless dinner dates after the honeymoon, you sure want to look your best. We have created the ultimate makeup must-haves list including Swiss Beauty Foundation and much more just for you to look stunning during your wedding festivities. So, let’s get into it!  

So if you're getting ready to tie the knot this summer, ensure you are all set with Swiss Beauty's wedding kits.

Must-Have Makeup Products For Face

• Primer

A primer is a game-changer when it comes to makeup. Not only does it help your makeup last longer, but it also creates a smooth canvas for your foundation to glide on. The best part? It doesn't feel heavy on your skin, which is perfect for those hot and humid summer days.  

Make sure you add Swiss Beauty Studio Finish Primer or Highlighting Primer to your vanity kit ASAP and bid adieu to melted makeup! These luxurious face primers are best for prepping your skin for makeup and blurring out any imperfections. The non-sticky formula deeply hydrates your skin giving a smooth base for your foundation to glide on.  

• Foundation  

A foundation with lightweight and airy formula is perfect for summer weddings because it provides coverage without feeling heavy or cakey on your skin. Plus, it's easy to apply and blend.  

Add Swiss Beauty Primer Mousse Foundation or Airbrush Foundation to your cart and look flawless and radiant all day long at your wedding! Although both these foundations have different formulations, coverage & finish, they are best for achieving a flawless makeup base. The Mousse foundation gives buildable medium coverage with a soft matte finish. Whereas, the Airbrush foundation offers a full-coverage finish. Both are ideal for summer weddings because of their lightweight texture.  

• Concealer  

A good concealer can help cover any blemishes and redness (not natural blushing) and give you a flawless look in your wedding photos. Plus, it can help brighten your under-eye area, which is especially important for those early morning wedding preparations. So don't forget to pack your favourite concealer in your bridal beauty kit - it might just be your secret weapon for looking and feeling your best on your big day!  

We recommend using the Swiss Beauty HD Concealer Pen or the Liquid Concealer. Their lightweight formula effortlessly covers all the dark circles you develop on those sleepless nights during your wedding rituals.  

• Blush & Contour  

Blush and contour are two makeup techniques that can make a huge difference in your wedding day look. Blush adds a pop of colour to your cheeks, giving you a healthy and youthful glow. Meanwhile, contouring can help define your features and create a more sculpted look. Together they create a beautiful, balanced look that will make you feel confident on your special day. Get yourself the Cheek-A-Boo Palette from Swiss Beauty - a 3-in-1 solution for achieving a sculpted face during your big day. A highly pigmented & lightweight product that glides on the skin without feeling too dry.  

• Setting Powder 

One product that can help keep everything in place is a setting powder. It is like a magical finishing touch that locks all your makeup in one place. It's especially important during summer as it can absorb excess oil and sweat, leaving your skin looking fresh and matte. Plus, it can help prevent your makeup from creasing or settling into fine lines.  

Try Silky and Smooth Compact Powder from Swiss Beauty. Being suitable for all skin types, it helps to control oil and excessive shine instantly.  

• Highlighter  

Designed to add a subtle glow to your skin, a highlighter can help in enhancing your features and make you look radiant in your wedding photos. A good highlighter can take your makeup to the next level, whether you're going for a natural look or all-out.

For achieving a picture-perfect glow, apply Swiss Beauty’s Silky Mousse Highlighter or Liquid Highlighter. These highlighters are one of a kind that adds a silky yet subtle shine to your face. Applying these products on your higher points like cupid’s bow, cheekbones, or on the tip of your nose can take your shimmer game to the next level.

• Setting Spray  

Swiss Beauty’s Makeup Fixer is yet another must-have for summer weddings as it helps your makeup stay put and lasts all day long. Simply spritz it on after you're done with your makeup and voila! Your makeup will be locked in place, no matter how hot and humid it gets. So go ahead, dance the night away, and don't worry about your makeup smudging or melting off. With setting spray, you'll look flawless from start to finish!

Must-Have Makeup Products For Lips  

• Lip Liner 

Lips are the centre attraction of your makeup! Achieve a stunning lip look with this game-changing product - Swiss Beauty Bold Matte Lip Liner. It helps to create the perfect shape and definition for your lips, making them look plump and luscious. Add a lip liner to your makeup vanity and make your lips look flawless for all those close-up photos with your spouse.

• Lipstick 

When it comes to wedding makeup, your lipstick is like the cherry on top of a gorgeous sundae. It's the finishing touch that can take your look from great to absolutely stunning. Get your hands on Swiss Beauty’s Ultra Smooth Matte Liquid Lipstick - the best long-lasting liquid lipstick that is perfect to make a statement and show off your personality on your big day.

• Lip Gloss  

If you want your lips to look drop-dead gorgeous on your wedding day, then lip gloss is a must-have. Not only does it add a gorgeous shine to your lips, but it also helps to keep them hydrated and plump. With our Plump Up Wetgloss, you can create a stunning lip look and shine even brighter amidst all the glitz and dazzling night.

Must-Have Makeup Products For Eyes 

• Eyebrow  

It might seem like a small detail, but a well-defined eyebrow can tie your whole look together. Plus, with all the photos that will be taken on your big day, you want your brows to be on point! Using an Eyebrow Pencil or a Brow & Gel Eyeliner from Swiss Beauty can help fill in any sparse areas and create a more polished, sleek look. It's a great way to shape your brows and make them look symmetrical.

• Eyeshadow  

Eyeshadow is an essential part of any wedding makeup look. Not only can it enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, but it can also help put your entire bridal look together. With the right colours and application techniques, you can create a stunning and memorable look that will last throughout the day and your pheras too!

We, at Swiss Beauty, offer a wide collection of artistic eyeshadow palettes that is suitable for all makeup lovers, be they a beginner or pro! You can check out the Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette - a beginner and pocket-friendly eyeshadow with 9 stunning hues suitable for different eye look or the Pro 12 Exotic Colour Eyeshadow Palette that comes in 12 pigmented shades - best for creating all looks including nude & bold.

• Eyeliner & Kajal 

Eyeliner and kajal are two of the most important components of any wedding makeup look. They can help define your eyes and make them look bigger and brighter. Whether you prefer a bold cat-eye or a more subtle line, these two makeup must-haves can help enhance your natural beauty and make you feel confident and glamorous.

If you’re in the mood to experiment with different eyeliner looks then Pop Styliner from Swiss Beauty should be your choice of product. However, if you want to go for soft, subtle smokey eyes then opting for an Eye Define Auto Kajal would be a great choice.

• Mascara  

Mascara is a must-have for any bride-to-be on her wedding day. It helps to define and enhance your lashes, making your eyes look bright and beautiful. But, what's even better is that Swiss Beauty offers a range of the best smudge-proof mascaras like the Lift & Curl Volume Mascara. This mascara won't smudge even if you shed a few tears during your farewell. Imagine having to deal with mascara streaks down your face on your special day - not exactly what you want!

Smudge-proof makeup is a lifesaver for summer weddings! Period. That's why opting for makeup that can withstand sweat and tears is important. After all, the last thing you need to worry about is your makeup melting off. From matte foundation to the best long-lasting eyeliner, Swiss Beauty has a range of long-wear, comfortable makeup that is specially designed to last for hours, without fading, smudging, or creasing. So, you can dance, laugh, and enjoy every moment of your wedding day, knowing that your makeup is still on point.

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