Quick & easy nail arts for festive days

Quick & easy nail arts for festive days

There is anticipation in the air as the holiday season gets underway. It goes without saying that this affects our clothing as well. This is also the moment to unleash your creative side and spice up your nails with gems, crystals, sparkles, and glitters.

Here are some seasonal nail art suggestions. We chose patterns that are elegant and current while still being simple enough for novices.

Good to know information –

Prepare a few days in advance for the best outcomes. To offer adequate moisturizing, apply hand cream and nail cream (or cuticle oil). By doing this, the nails strengthen and become prepared to hold the paint, glue, and other embellishments. By frequently utilizing hand and nail products, brittleness-related chipping and breakage can be prevented.

1. White & Blue Nail with embellishments –

In this season, gold jewelry is frequently worn with ethnic clothing. Why not apply the same style to your nails as well? The model's elegant hands are embellished with rhinestone overlay and have blue French manicured nails.

How to attain it –

Step 1: Apply a uniform coat of white enamel to your nails.

Step 2: After it has dried, make a thin, circular stroke at the bottom with gold or yellow nail polish.

Step 3: After that, add a lovely, glittery blue tint to the tips.

Step 4: After it has dried, place a few gold-plated ornaments and rhinestones in the centre by using nail glue. For precise positioning, use a dotting pen. For the nail art to last for a long time, let the paint, adhesive, and topcoat completely dry.

2. Beads/balls on wine nails –

A gorgeous arrangement of gold-plated little balls or beads on wine-colored nails is the perfect complement to festive attire.

How to attain it –

Step 1: Applying a base coat to the nails is the first step. Choose your favourite shade of dark or bright enamel. The perfect color would be something like burgundy because the gold accents will stand out effectively in it.

Step 2: After your fingernail has completely cured, use a gold enamel to draw filigree-inspired patterns on it. For the same, it is recommended to choose a very thin brush.

Step 3: After that, place tiny gold beads on the other nails close to the cuticle in any pattern you like.

Step 4: A glossy clear topcoat will protect all of your artwork and ensure that it lasts the entire season.

3. Green & Yellow studded nail pattern –

Make a statement by combining royal dark green and yellow in an eye-catching way. For a wow effect, add glitter and rhinestones.

How to attain it –

Step 1: Choose matte nail polish in a hue that is similar to bottle green in step one.

Step 2: In the vicinity of the nail tips, liberally scatter the same hue of glitter. Apply a topcoat, then use a cuticle pusher to scoop the glitter over the top. Tap any surplus off.

Step 3: Use nail glue or foil adhesive to adhere colorful rhinestones in the specified designs when the color and shimmer have completely dried. To draw attention to the rhinestones, use dots that are much lighter in color, such white or grey.

Step 4: Add elegant yellow lines to complete the design.

4. Multi-hued Polka Dots –

Polka dots are a universal favorite. With this nail decoration, you may give your outfit a nostalgic touch. This works well with fusion clothing or clothing with lots of embroidery.

How to attain it –

Step 1: Choose some cheerful, vibrant colors, such as yellow, pink, purple, and orange, in addition to white.

Step 2: The enjoyable part now begins. Do you recall doing freestyle drawings in school? Choose a color and paint it on each nail.

Step 3: After it has dried, use an extremely thin brush and the remaining enamels to make tiny dots on top of it. There is no strict guideline to follow; experiment with various colors and watch the magic happen.

5. Golden Nail Art –

Metallic gold can provide a touch of glitz. Set it off with shimmering gold and diamond studs.

How to attain it –

Step 1: Paint all of your nails with a base coat of gold enamel.

Step 2: Apply a topcoat, scoop the glitter with a cuticle pusher, and pour it over the nail to create the gold shimmer. After tapping off any extra, flatten the decoration using a brush.

Step 3: Repeat steps 2 and 1 for the rhinestones, with the exception that you will need to use a dotting tool to attach the studs.

This festive season be the best version of yourself and Show off those sparkling nails without hesitation!

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