Makeup Ritual to liven up AM-PM timings

Makeup Ritual to liven up AM-PM timings

Brides' Post-Wedding Makeup Looks: In India, weddings are very important. Every event, from the Sangeet ceremony to the Haldi ceremony, is very significant. It becomes slightly more special for the bride because the focus is on her. While weddings are enjoyable in and of themselves, post-wedding rituals actually offer more enjoyable events. 

In India, there are numerous post-wedding customs. A newlywed bride must look her best for all of the ceremonies, especially her makeup, which must be flawless. rites held after a wedding, such as Ghar Rokai, Kober, Pag Phera, and Mooh Dikhai. You must therefore appear stunning with minimal makeup. Here are some pointers on how to improve your makeup appearance.

1.Matte Make up Pag Phera –

This is the first ceremony following the wedding. Here, just after the wedding, the newlywed bride visits her parents. Wear something opulent and accessorise with expensive jewellery. Consider matte makeup since it is fashionable. Make sure the lipstick is noticeable by keeping it a touch loud. The highlighter is also an option.

2. Amazing Look for Pehli Rasoi – 

It's the time of day when the newlywed bride prepares a delectable dish in the kitchen of her new home. In Indian homes, it is a vital practise. Dress appropriately, then. Put on a classy saree that is both comfortable and easy for you to cook in. Additionally, avoid using noisy cosmetics. Lighten up on the makeup so you can look more fashionable. Your natural makeup will appear elegant. You will be cooking, so if you choose loud makeup, everything will be destroyed!

3. Minimal Make up for mooh dikhai –

If you are not utilizing organic goods, applying makeup every day is bad for your skin. You will grow weary of always seeing yourself in so much makeup after these ongoing functions. Therefore, choose mineral-based makeup for mooh dikhai. Your skin will stay hydrated and healthy as a result. Additionally, it will enhance your beauty without the need for much makeup.

4. HD Look for reception –

The main post-wedding event that is held to welcome the newlyweds into society is the reception. The reception ceremony is open to all of the families' near and far relatives. As a result, the bride is the main focus of attention, followed by the groom. At the event, cameras will be present. As a result, your face's lines will be hidden by the HD cosmetics, and the photos you take will be stunning. Consider HD makeup since it appears incredibly elegant and is ideal for this type of wedding.

For a few days following the wedding, everything is quite new and exciting. The newlywed brides are more eager to start their completely new lives with the addition of new individuals. So, make the most of your time. Put on anything you want to wear and the makeup that makes you happy.

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