How to get that natural ‘glow’?

How to get that natural ‘glow’?

Oh……..that ‘Glow’. Sun-kissed, clear and plump glowing skin. How do Kendall, Gigi Hadid or as a matter of fact how on earth do all the celebs pull off that dewy no-makeup bare-skin look? No matter how meticulous we get with these celeb makeup regimes- it rarely sits as flawless as theirs on our skin, often lacking that natural sheen. Well, apart from their beautiful Instagram filters, there is a lot more behind-the-scenes skincare rituals that they follow religiously in achieving the dream skin that we keep crushing on. They might not let us in on their secrets entirely, but we have cracked a few on our own and don’t want to stop your skin further from getting that natural ‘glow’.


Our skin goes through a lot- environmental stress, pollution build-ups and its interaction with chemicals in makeup. With so much going on, it’s important to hit the reset button of our skin. And, uh-uh ladies, a normal face wash doesn’t solve the entire issue. We need to go skin deep in unclogging the pores, creating a fresh base for it to absorb the goodness we pour into it and here’s how you can do it,


If you have makeup on, wipe your face with some gentle makeup removal that will leave your skin feeling soft, not necessarily stripping away the moisture from the skin entirely, like our Swiss Beauty Night Calming Refreshing Wipes, Swiss Beauty Milky Make Up Remover,


Next, you can follow up with a Gentle Cleanser such as Swiss Beauty Gentle Mousse Cleanser or Swiss Beauty Gentle Exfoliating gel. Makeup or no makeup- cleansers will help in eradicating any leftover surface dirt on your epidermis.


A deep pore cleansing process, includes a face clay mask in your skin ritual once or twice a week. We have one for each skin type and concern- Swiss Beauty Avocado Clay Mask, Swiss Beauty Rose Clay Mask and many more.

2.Plenty of Hydration.

Our skin is thirsty, especially after all that cleansing. The best way to start quenching our skin is in layers, start with:


Despite being aware of this secret, we continue to fail to keep up with this basic easy-peasy formula. Skincare includes maintaining your diet too as our skin is a direct reflection of what goes inside. Water & fruits have all the necessary minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that aids in giving your skin that fresh radiance. So girls, don’t forget to gulp down your 2 Ltrs of Glowing elixir (water) & a fresh bowl of fruits a day.


Let your skin take up the goodness of some moisture with Sheet Masks or our brightening Sleep Masks. Our dry skin fam can try the Beauty Pearl & Hyaluronic acid Sheet mask for that intense moisture, Swiss Beauty Lemon & Honey Sheet Mask for acne and oily skin and Bamboo Charcoal mask that will intensively work and soothe the clogged pores. Just like the clay mask, sheet masks should be used once a week as they carry a concentrated amount of ‘ingredients’ that can work all week long.


After you have given your skin a layer of moisture, continue working on it with skin issues that you would like to tackle. Serums are highly concentrated formulas that will help you work on the concerned areas effectively. But since we are aiming for natural ‘Glow’- Vitamin C serum can be your knight in Glowing armour.

Post cleansing ( and masking), pour a few drops of this magical liquid on your palms and gently massage it on your face, pressing it to the skin. You can also try our Swiss Beauty 24 K Gold Skin Care Serum, Swiss Beauty Pearl Glow Serum,

Note - Though our serums can fit into your daily regime, we recommend you to use them at night before sleeping or in the daytime with sunscreen on. Serums contain active ingredients and lose their integrity and power when they come in contact with strong light such as sunlight.


Our serums have moisturizing properties too, but if you want to protect them further do it with :


Use your favourite moisturizer ( according to your skin type ) to lock up the goodness of your serums and masks. The moisturizer also acts as a skin barrier, keeping the dirt and pollution off from entering your pores. And yes, it is a crucial step no matter what skin type- even for those who have oily skin.


Stepping out in the sun or even on a gloomy day? Don’t forget the sunscreen. Our eyes might not sense the UV rays but these rays are the MAJOR culprit behind damaging the skin- often stealing your glow.

Healthy exposure to morning sunlight of about 10-15 minutes is actually good for the skin. The sunscreen just ensures your skin absorbs the good and deflects the ones that might harm it. You can try our sunscreen spray that ensures your skin is protected evenly. Lastly, have patience with your skin regime. Building solid skincare takes a few trials and errors. Educate yourself more on your skin types and besides the above tips, keep your mind & body calm & healthy for you can truly shine from within.

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