7 items

      7 items

      Select a shade (8)

      0.5 Very Fair
      1.0 Fair
      1.5 Fair to Medium
      2.0 Medium
      2.5 Medium to Dusky
      3.0 Dusky
      3.5 Dusky to Deep
      4.0 Deep

      Select a shade (11)

      Rich Rose
      Ultra Nude
      Pink Sorbet
      Supreme Nude
      Royale Red
      Admirer Plum
      Red Mandate
      Scarlet Red
      Iconic Pink
      Rose Quartz
      Powerful Pink

      Select a shade (2)


      Select a shade (12)

      Nudist Love
      Delicate Pink
      Velvet Rose
      Brick Pink
      La Rose
      Dried Mauve
      Crimson Punch
      Blush Crush
      ⁠Shocking Pink
      Cashmere Red
      Touch of Brown
      Fine Wine

      Select a shade (2)

      Slow Days
      Fast Nights

      Select a shade (6)

      Amber Nude
      French Rose
      Dusty Pink
      Rouge Mauve
      ⁠Lady Pink
      Imperial Red