Full Guide to Your Wedding Vanity Box

Full Guide to Your Wedding Vanity Box

Do you know what your ideal bridal cosmetics kit must include? As a future bride, you will soon have to host a number of wedding celebrations. The countdown has begun. For each of your wedding activities, your makeup must be flawless while you are the center of attention and dressed in your favorite bridal lehenga, designer saree, or stunning Indian designer gown. What other way is there to curate the ideal wedding photo album? You might not be willing to pay a cosmetic artist for each wedding-related occasion.

While a bridal makeup artist's magic touch is necessary for your wedding or reception celebration, you can create gorgeous looks for your mehendi or haldi party and even for various family dinner or lunch plans with your friends and relatives after your wedding day with the help of a perfect, portable Indian bridal makeup kit and top-notch makeup products.

Our goal is to simplify the process of choosing the best full cosmetic kit for girls. Time to put together a customized bridal cosmetics kit that will enable you to rock all of your ethnic styles! Find a comprehensive beauty checklist with a list of the newest bridal makeup kit essentials to nail your favorite or celebrity-inspired wedding looks.


Must Haves for Your Face

It's difficult than one might think to choose the proper makeup for your face. Products that are ideal for your skin type and tone should be included in your bridal cosmetic kit. For instance, there are several foundation hues to choose from that might precisely match your skin tone. We've listed all of the WWI-recommended bridal beauty kit necessities for your face below to help you decide which makeup items to buy.

1. Primer & Concealer

The first and most important item on a girl's makeup list is a primer. After using skincare products, it gets your skin ready to retain your makeup in place. It keeps your makeup looking fresh all day. Additionally, it serves as a base for your foundation and makeup, obliterating pores and softening wrinkles. The ideal primer will also control oily and dry skin. Therefore, do not omit this first and crucial step. To disguise pigmentation, dark spots, redness, or fine lines on your face, use the ideal concealer. Photoshop can make your wedding photos perfect, but who needs retouching when the best-reviewed concealers are on hand to save the day? Consider including these in your bridal cosmetic kit for a flawless finish.

2. Foundation & Compact

Don't ever undervalue the strength of your foundation. The perfect choice helps you seem flawless in your makeup, while the wrong choice makes you the party's zombie. Particularly during your wedding receptions, you don't want everyone to be staring at you for the wrong reasons. With makeup product staples you can never go wrong with, perfect your bridal makeup kit! With our Expert advice for your bridal makeup kit list, you can touch up your makeup and maintain the perfection of your wedding celebration looks.

3. Contour

Your facial features are given definition by a contoured look, which brings out your cheekbones and nose. You emerge from it with a chiselled appearance for the coming day. For those who are new to the method and fashion, we advise investing in a compact contour palette and getting lots of practise first.

4. Blush & Highlighter

Enhance your diva factor by applying the ideal pink or red blush on your cheeks. To give your appearance the freshness of a newlywed, a girl's cosmetics kit needs to contain the appropriate flush of cheery hues. Nothing revitalises your appearance like a flawless blush in the ideal tone of vibrant pigment. A highlighter is necessary for your bridal makeup. With WWI's top highlight picks, you can enhance your overall glamor-struck appearance while also crafting the ideal bridal cosmetic kit list for your impending wedding festivities. Use a highlighter to make your lavish bridal velvet lehenga or unique angrakha outfits glitter and shine.

5. Makeup Setting Sprays

It seems thrilling and joyful to stroll around the aisles of your wedding venue, greeting visitors, and having a good time with your friends and family, but you must take care to prevent your valuable wedding bridal makeup look from vanishing under the pressure. For this purpose, use cosmetics setting sprays! Use a new setting spray to secure your appearance and make sure your makeup doesn't budge. You absolutely need to include this in your bridal cosmetic kit box.


Must Haves for Eyes

They say the mirror to your soul is in your eyes. The best eye makeup kit on the market can help you draw your eyes precisely so your bridal makeup may tell a million stories. Your choice of event dress will determine your eye makeup options, which can range from breathtaking smokey eyes to the cat eye trend to gradient eye makeup and much more. Find our top selections for creating the dramatic bridal eye makeup below.

1. Kajal & Eye Liner

With the help of this time-honoured favorite cosmetics item, kajal or kohl stick, give your eyes a refined beauty. Kajal, which is made of leftover charcoal, keeps your eyes healthy and makes them look dreamy. Without eyeliners, your collection of eye makeup will always be lacking. To achieve a dramatic impression for your bridal makeup look, keep many colours on hand. Depending on the occasion you are dressing for, you might choose a dramatic cat eye, a soft inner eye line, or a winged effect.

2. Mascara

The one thing we have always loved most is mascara. Don't you just adore how mascara may enhance and make your eyelashes appear longer and fuller? By making the lashes appear darker and thicker, it creates the illusion of larger, brighter eyes. Without selecting the best mascara currently on the market, your bridal cosmetic kit cannot be completed.

3. Eye Shadow

The best makeup tools for adding drama to your look are eyeshadows. A proper Indian bridal makeup kit will always have multiple eye shadow shade options to match your wedding party's clothing.


Must Haves For Lips

1. Lipsticks

Many items from our beauty bag can be left out, but never the lipsticks! Lip colours are our first pick for makeup because they instantly brighten up our faces. Due to our thorough testing, we have settled on the best, hydrating, long-lasting lip colours for your bridal makeup kits. We are always open to experimenting with new bright/dark and subtle nude lip tones.

2. Lip Balm

Whether for a wedding or not, a girls' beauty kit would be useless without lip balm! When it comes to lip care, it's a need because it moisturises and shields our lips better than anything else! Apply lip balm to your lips and let it moisturise throughout the night after you are finished with the extravaganza of the evening and need to remove your makeup before going to bed.


Complete the Kit

1. Sanitary Napkin

Keep sanitary napkins close at hand and in a convenient location so you may quickly get them in an emergency.

2. Rosewater

Rosewater works well as a natural toner, sporadic breakout treatment, and even a makeup remover. Keep some on hand to help you stay looking good all day.

I hope you liked reading this article! The remaining posts from my bridal series are still available HERE. And if you want me to write down my experience with any particular things that I left out of my wedding journal, just let me know.



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