CRAZE by Swiss Beauty - The Ultimate GenZ Makeup Brand

CRAZE by Swiss Beauty - The Ultimate GenZ Makeup Brand

Candid, Rare, and GenZ Energy - CRAZE by Swiss Beauty is a young and vibrant beauty brand designed for hustlers, go-getters, and innovators. Our makeup products are high on performance, high on quality, and definitely high on fun. They are innovated and ideated keeping in mind the latest trends, ingredients, and formulations, so that you look fab, and feel fab under a budget.

Our high-quality beauty products are especially designed to exude confidence, quirkiness, and individuality. Colours, patterns, and going crazy, we really embrace it all. But, the bedrock of this unique range is stellar performance and multifunctionality. CRAZE envisions being a brand that is your tool for expression and your weapon of self-love. We are here to shout out your story, your passion, your power and your rarity.

So, here are your virtual hugs and high-fives Crazy Kins.

Why is CRAZE so EXTRAA ?

  1. CRAZE Bends the Trends

    Trends come and go, but some become cult classics and are etched into the history books of makeup. Craze strategically taps into makeup and beauty trends that speak to and for the youth. And, the best part? We make trendy and high-quality makeup products incredibly affordable.

  2. CRAZE is High Performance

    At CRAZE, we know how to merge fun with functionality. Our versatile makeup products are high in performance and high in quality. We use the latest formulations, and the bestest technology to curate makeup that stands at par with premium and high-end counterparts. From innovative aqua-gel technology to talc-free formulations, our team is always hustling to get you the best and the trendiest.

  3. CRAZE is Skinspa

    For us, it is never makeup v/s skincare; it is always skincare-makeup. Makeup can only do its magic when the canvas underneath is at its best. The first step towards healthier and happier skin is using products that are skin-friendly and calming. And, why solely rely on skincare products to provide the much-needed skin goodness? The makeup range by CRAZE is infused with amazing ingredients that hydrate, nourish and brighten skin. From Vitamin E to Japonica Seed Oil and Pomegranate Extracts, we curate the best. So, indulge in a soothing skin spa with every makeup look.

  4. CRAZE is Merry-Making

    What’s life without some extraness? At CRAZE, we strive to make beauty and makeup a happy, merry, and dopamine-inducing experience. Our peppy packaging, sassy designs, and electrifying colours represent the Millennials and Gen Zs who are ready to conquer the world, while still keeping things fun, silly, and jovial.

  5. CRAZE is Multifunctional

    Hustlers and go-getters, and doers and dreams - everyone deserves makeup that multifunctions. At CRAZE, we curate and craft beauty and makeup that always doubles up and provides something extra. Whether it is our dual-wand mascara that lengthens and adds volume, or our makeup primer that also acts as a moisturiser, we take multifunctionality very seriously.

  6. CRAZE is Budget-Friendly

    All good things do not come with a price, and quality can never be equated with costs. Well, CRAZE by Swiss Beauty presents you with a wide range of makeup products that will not burn a hole in your pocket. We go the extra mile to ensure that whether you want to build your capsule makeup kit or try out trendy products, everything is accessible and affordable.

  7. CRAZE is Kind

    CRAZE by Swiss Beauty is all about making you feel beautiful and look beautiful while ensuring that the world around us is not stripped of its beauty. Our products are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and alcohol-free. So, when it comes to designing products that are kind to all, CRAZE is definitely a 10.

The Ultimate Range

The Swiss Beauty Craze range boasts an impressive lineup of products across three key categories: Eyes, Lips, and Face.

Eye Category
Want to perfect the winged eyeliner but without the hassle of handy precision? Reach out for the Eyeliner and Stamp Duo. Its unique design and silhouette ensures that creating a winged liner is easy-peasy and you can slay all day. If you want to create dazzling eye looks, the Two-In-One Eyeshadow and Blush will, definitely, become your go-to. Last, how can we forget those lengthy and voluminous lashes? The Duo Mascara is the one-stop shop for big lash energy!

Lips Category
Looking for a soft flush of colour? The Lip & Cheek Macaron adds a natural tint to your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Struggling between the shades of lip colours just like you do so in your love life? Our Two-in-One Lip Colour gives you a chance to experiment with two colours for the price of one. And, when in the mood for something light and airy, opt for our Tinted Lip Balm.

Face Category
The Pore Minimising Primer and the Makeup Fixer by CRAZE keeps your makeup look locked-in all day long. So, it is easy to put your freshest face forward.

From lip balms to makeup setting sprays, CRAZE has everything you need to rock your look.

Swiss Beauty Craze Mantra:

Swiss Beauty Craze Mantra: Don't Just Be a Star, Be a Trend Star!

At Swiss Beauty CRAZE, the mantra is clear: don’t just follow trends, set them. So, why blend in when you were born to stand out? Let the CRAZEy side of yours take the centre stage with CRAZE by Swiss Beauty!

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Gentle Pink
Mauve Night
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Mauve Tonight
Intensily Pink
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Daring Salmon
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