If there is one product that can holistically make or break your makeup game, then it is a compact powder. Since everyone’s skin type and texture are distinct, you should use the baking technique according to your skin type. For oily-skinned people, we recommend using a loose powder to set the makeup without leaving a cakey effect. But for dry skin, a lightweight compact powder would work wonders without a say. Still, overdoing this step could result otherwise, so be sure of the application amount. 

While we talk about the right way of applying a compact powder, it’s crucial to get the right shade for a perfect finish. To know what suits you the best, Buying cosmetic products online is suggested, as every detail is mentioned in the description, including usage and benefits of the products. Plus, it becomes easier for people to filter out their preferable options. For premium makeup products, you can always check out Swiss Beauty’s long-wear and comfortable makeup. 

Steps to Ace the Perfect Makeup Look with a rightly applied Compact Powder:

  • Start with a clean, moisturised face: The first step to achieving a smoother makeup finish is to prep your skin well. This means doing a proper skincare routine, which includes serum, moisturiser, and sunscreen.
  • Next, always choose the product which matches your skin tone. Test the shade on your jawline or neck to see if it blends seamlessly with your skin.
  • Tap off the excess powder before applying. Remember, less is always more!
  • Use a brush, a beauty blender, or a powder puff to blend the product well. A brush will give you a lighter coverage, while a sponge or a powder puff will give you an intense coverage.
  • Now comes the most important part. If you have oily skin, apply the powder only on the oily parts of your face, such as your T-Zone. However, if you have dry skin, focus more on the under eyes or any area you have concealed. Tap in the leftover product all over the face for a seamless finish.
  • At last, nicely blending a compact power will always avoid harsh lines or patches.

Different Ways to Apply Compact Powder in your Makeup Routine

❖ Even out your Skin Tone – A compact powder is a great way to set and even out your face makeup. It offers light coverage, giving you a smooth, radiant appearance. You can always build your way up for more coverage.

❖ Smudge-Proof Lips – Another way to play around with a compact powder is to use it as a mattifying agent on a creamy lipstick. Dusting off a little product over your lipstick will give you poutilicous-lips!

❖ The base for Dramatic Eyes – Love creating dramatic eyeshadow looks? If so, use a compact powder to establish your base. Oily lids often prevent people from applying their favourite eyeshadow. However, putting some compact powder on your lids may quickly fix this issue.

❖ Longer & Fuller Lashes – Having longer and fuller lashes can entirely change your makeup game. However, wearing fake lashes every day is hectic and not at all ideal. To avoid such hassle, try this amazing hack! Apply a light layer of compact powder on your lashes and top it off with your regular mascara. And boom! There you have longer and fuller-looking lashes on the go.

Easy-Peasy Makeup for Beginners – A beginner with less or no knowledge about makeup might not be able to get the right foundation or concealer shade. But there’s nothing that a compact powder can’t fix! This particular makeup is extremely versatile to work with. It can set your cream products to get a smoother and radiant skin-like finish.

If you are looking for affordable, long-lasting, and comfortable makeup, check out Swiss Beauty! Known for its high-quality and long-wear formula, it can be your go-to makeup bestie, aka #MySwissMyBFF.

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