9 days, 9 hues, 9 styles for Navratri Puja

9 days, 9 hues, 9 styles for Navratri Puja

If the joy of the holiday season hasn't yet touched your heart, it undoubtedly will in the coming weeks. Next on the list is Navratri, the most popular event, which brings with it envious lehengas and the best festive makeup. People are eager as the Navratri festival is rapidly approaching. Hindus celebrate Navratri every year with a great deal of fervour and splendour. Navratri is celebrated twice a year: on Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri. Sharad Navratri is approaching after Chaitra Navratri, which was observed in April. Sharad Navratri 2022 begins on September 26 and runs until October 5 this year.

Worship of Goddess Durga and her nine incarnations is observed as part of the nine-day Navratri celebration. Devotees dress colourfully for the holiday, engage in specific rituals and prayers (Durga Puja), observe fasts, and make delicious foods. People dress in various hues for nine days during Navratri, and each hue has a special significance. Given the abundance of options, we know it can be difficult to choose just one Navratri festive look, so we've provided one that even makeup newbies can master.

You will undoubtedly have a full schedule for these upcoming sparkling and vibrant 9 days, whether you are hosting a friendly dandiya night at home, travelling to three separate Durga Pujas, or simply meeting up with your cousins. There is a lot to do with Navratri just around the corner, and if you are anything like us, you will probably check your OTTDs, with matching jewelry, and schedule an appointment in the salon. But what about the Navratri makeup? Choosing your outfit for each day might be difficult, whether it's for a garba makeup look or a pandal hopping glam up. But don't worry; we're here to do what we do best. Bookmark these Navratri beauty looks for each day since appearing stunning while praying is always in trend.

Soft Orange Pop -

Start the magical nine-day event with a color that represents vigor and joy. Orange eyeshadow, which is also renowned for its vibrancy and pop, will significantly brighten and shine up your Navratri cosmetic look. Use a highly pigmented eyeliner like Swiss Beauty Eye Liner to get the orange Pop look and apply it to your crease to make a wing. Keep the overall appearance straightforward. Apply a layer of burnt orange lipstick, such as Swiss Beauty Lipstick in to complete the look.

Contemporary Esoteric White –

DIY this big eye inspiration for a maximalist lifestyle using a color that represents purity, calm, and meditation. Try using the cult-favorite white eye shadow for this Navratri makeup look to make a statement. Use a concealer with immaculate coverage, such as Swiss Beauty Concealer, to hide dark circles and fine wrinkles for a daring, dramatic, and killing appearance. Show off your artistic talent by grabbing a highly pigmented Swiss Beauty matte eyeliner that resembles Beautiful Vivid Eyes

Grab Attention with Drop Dead Gorgeous Red -

Red broke the mold for neutral eyeshadows with its adaptability and ease of use. The color of beauty and bravery is present everywhere, including on your lids, from backstage beauty at fashion shows to hotshot superstars' red carpet looks. Simply apply a deep red hue on top of a warm nude shade that you blended as a transition makeup above your eye socket. Choose an eyeshadow with a lot of pigment that resembles Wonder Woman! Finish it up with a deep matte red lip color and Viola! Hello stunning.

Win Hearts with Cheerful Blue –

Give this beauty credit for its unique palette of colors. This color symbolizes good health and prosperity will ensure that your eyes appear their best whether you choose delicate, smokey cyan or bright blue eyelids. Color corrects your eyes, picking a tint that complements your skin issue, to recreate this Navratri makeup look. Create an even base with a neutral eyeshadow, then apply a blue eyeshadow crayon, such as Swiss Beauty Eye shadow Crayon, to your lid to complete the look.

Look Gorgeous with Yellow –

The light shimmery eyeshadow is outdated at this point; the all-purpose yellow is seen on red carpets and on Instagram feeds, and it complements all skin tones, which is an additional reason to try this Navratri makeup. To achieve this look, prime your eyes with a nourishing eye cream that can instantly calm your puffy eyes, such Swiss Beauty Firming Eye Cream. Combine a yellow eyeshadow with a brown transition shade after that.

Glam in the emerald green hue –

Give this enchanted hue, which symbolizes a fresh start and growth, a fair chance. To elevate your Navratri makeup in ways you might not have previously considered, add a splash of green. Apply a medium brown eyeshadow after prepping your eyes. To make that transition cooler uniform, go back and forth on your crease.

Use a gel eyeliner, such as Swiss Beauty Gel Eyeliner, to give your eyes an emerald green burst by blending it outward from the crease.

Examine Celestial Grey in detail –

The color of strength and transformation—whether worn alone or with smokey eyeshadow—best draws attention to your black and brown eyes. Apply a light eyeshadow on your lids, then blend a grey eyeshadow into the crease to up the ante on the Garba makeup trends. Need assistance? Grab some Eye Lit Swiss Beauty black eyeliner! Use Waterproof Eyeliner to gain that seductive stare. Isn't this Navratri makeup look just stunning?

Glitter up like a doll –

Anyone's attention will be captured by a burst of fuchsia. Using the color of inner peace and joy with a dash of sparkle can give your Navratri makeup an instantly more vibrant, youthful, and joyful appearance. Apply a glossy pink eyeshadow hue to match with the dewy primer for a glowing eye base. Use a long-lasting eyeliner to line the lash line after blending it out into your crease. Apply two layers of matte eyeliner and end with lengthy lashes.

Trend it up with violet haze –

Do you want to change up your eyeshadow look? Try the calming and wise color that has been seen all over the red carpet. Your Navratri style will instantly pop with this violet eyeshadow's vibrant, jewel-toned finish. A glitzy eyeshadow is essential for achieving this look. Use a matte purple eyeliner to achieve the level of perfection! Make a wing using Purple Metallic Eyeliner. Add layers until it reaches the thickness you want.

What are you waiting for now? To enhance your Navratri shine, try these different festive makeup looks and look you best glam Bengali beauty this Navratri Season as Durga Puja is just around the corner

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