Highlighting And Lash BrushHighlighting And Lash Brush -

Highlighting And Lash Brush

Swiss Beauty's 5 in 1 makeup brush set for a perfect smooth applicaton of makeup.
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How to Apply


Make your best characteristics stand out! With Swiss Beauty's Highlighting and Lash Brush that is made with superior quality and wide texture in size that will surely help in putting the highlighter in one easy go. This brush is uniquely crafted to deliver you the perfect tint of shine to your face . It ensures to give you a precise application of the product . This brush would be your essential go to partner to give a great significance to your best feature

  • Quantity: 1pc

1.Wide texture
2.Smooth finish
3.Luxuorious texture
4.Remove excess

Use different ranges of makeup brushes for an enhanced makeup look in just few strokes. This brush set can help you create a complete look.

key benefits

  • Wide texture

  • Smooth finish

  • Luxuorious texture

  • Remove excess

style tips

  • artist tip #1

    Lightly wet the brushes before applying for extra strength.
  • artist tip #2

    you may use one such brush for applying bronzer.
  • artist tip #3

    Use a slanted eyebrow brush for applying brief strokes of the product.


1. Does eye brush make makeup applications easy?

A. Having strong brushes will improve the appearance of your makeup. The eye brushes enable you to apply and combine items rapidly.

2.Is eyelash brushing harmful?

No, everyday brushing can help to eliminate germs that might cause eye discomfort or illness.

3. Can I buy an all in one eye brush?

All the eye makeup brushes have different purposes. The Swiss Beauty dual highlighting and lash brush can help you reduce your makeup brush stock by providing a two-in-one feature.

4. Do the Swiss Beauty professional face and eye brush set to come in colours?

No, the Swiss Beauty makeup brush set comes in a singular colour that looks elegant and classy.

5. What is the benefit of a highlighting brush?

The combination of short and long strands function together to smooth and mix illuminators in this precision highlighting brush.

6.How do I clean the eye brushes?

Cleaning all brush sets is using fresh water, and mild soap or brush cleaner is the finest and most comprehensive.

7. Are these makeup brush sets beginner friendly?

The Swiss Beauty professional makeup brush set is absolutely beginner-friendly. The application with these brushes is seamless.


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