Trendy Look for the upcoming bridesmaid

Trendy Look for the upcoming bridesmaid

Without her sister, a bride who has found her ideal husband is missing something. We're referring to the bridesmaid who makes the bride's wedding ideal. The bridesmaids are equally as important as the bride in a wedding as it is to the bride herself. The bridesmaids are an essential part of wedding planning that cannot be disregarded. From matching up with their bridesmaids to adopting haircuts and bridesmaid makeup looks, the brides are leaving no stone left.

While managing a group of bridesmaids while also doing other wedding preparations can be a delicate task. The bridesmaid is the focus of the guests' attention before the bride arrives. Because of this, a bridesmaid must be equally as flawless as the bride. Make sure your bridesmaid is prepared for pictures while you are getting dressed up in your bridal attire. Take inspiration from these expert-recommended bridesmaid makeup ideas if you're searching for a distinctive bridesmaid look. Here are some gorgeous bridesmaid makeup ideas.

With their stunning appearances, celebrities have significantly lifted the standard. They continue to set fashion goals for us, which we sometimes strive to emulate. A bridesmaid at a wedding is no less than a famous person attending the event. Therefore, you must make sure that your appearance is worth clicking if you plan to be a bridesmaid at your friend's wedding. Unsure of the bridesmaid makeup styles you've chosen? Here are some of the trendy 5 bridesmaid ideas that were inspired by celebrities. Visit them right away.


1. Subtle Pink

Pink is the new red, and brides are increasingly choosing pink lehengas in place of red ones. Following fashion, the bridesmaid can be seen sporting pink cosmetics as well. Take a hint from Jacqueline Fernandez, who donned pink attire for the wedding of her BFF Sonam Kapoor. Jacqueline looked stunning in a pink lehenga, choti, and parranda for the wedding, but her gorgeous, understated pink makeup really stood out. For her bridesmaid makeup, she was spotted wearing a blush pink lipstick, pink blush, and statement eyeshadow. She snuck in a mint bindi and donned a pair of sunglasses to break up the monotony of the heavy bridesmaid makeup look.


2. Metallic Brown 

Metallic clothing is currently in style. Metallic cosmetics has received a lot of attention lately. At Sonam's wedding, genuine star Alia Bhatt sported the metallic brown smokey eye makeup look, giving us some major fashion goals. Alia Bhatt was one of Sonam's famous bridesmaids. She accessorised her smokey eyes with a simple middle-parted half ponytail, bare lips, and delicate blush. She chose an embroidered chartreuse-colored lehenga to counteract the bridesmaids' cosmetic styles.


3. Muted Mate

At Anushka's wedding, Bollywood's Queen Kangana Ranaut started a new trend of muted, natural matte makeup. With a bun decorated with white roses, she flaunted the natural matte muted appearance. She chose a gold metallic shine saree to stay true to the metallic theme.


4. Glossy Look

At Anushka Sharma's wedding, Katrina Kaif stole the show in a pastel-colored outfit. She was wearing a glossy makeup that gave her a chiselled appearance while wearing a blue gown. With her wavy hair, shiny lips, and black eyeliner, Katrina showed off her outfit. Girls were inspired by her understated style for bridesmaid makeup in 2020.


5. Dewy Make up

At Isha Ambani's wedding, Kiara Advani was the focus of attention thanks to her flawless bridesmaid makeup. She had a stunning ivory gown on and an unkempt ponytail to go with it. She chose a pink matter powder blush for her cheeks and a nude eyeshadow for a gentle appearance. She applied black eyeliner to complete the appearance.

Here are some bridesmaid makeup ideas that were influenced by celebrities. Which one do you prefer?




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