Top 5 makeup products to dig for that ‘Glamorous look’

Top 5 makeup products to dig for that ‘Glamorous look’

Are you looking for beginners guide to rock a glam night? You only need 5 products to look dazzling without compromising on your budget at the same time. We are here for you when it comes to curating the right products for all your shenanigans and you can easily achieve the look in 5 simple steps. Let’s get ready together and discover the only products needed for your eccentric entrance.


The foremost step is acing a flawless yet fuss-free base; the foundation is where all the glam begins! The base matters a lot when it comes to makeup because all the other products are layered on top of it.

Some factors you should keep in mind when it comes to buying the right foundation are-

  • The foundation needs to have nice coverage but also should not look cakey.
  • It should neither be too drying nor be too oily.
  • It should sit just right and should be blended really well in order to look seamless.
  • It should be long lasting for your all-nighters and late-night parties and even for your all-day adventures.
  • It should match your skin tone really well.
  • It’s even wiser if the foundation has SPF or primer in it already. This reduces the fuss and fewer products are being clung onto the face, making the foundation sit smoothly.


What if you find one palette with contour and blush? Wouldn’t it be a quick fix? We think the same. Contouring is done to bring a little more structure to your face. Some people do it to make their features a bit sharper and some skip it or use bronzer instead. Blush brings a nice flush to your lips and cheeks. It makes you look naturally lively. There is a right shade of pink for every skin. The consistency matters a lot too. For oily skin, powder blushes and contours work very well and for dry skin, cream blushes and contours will definitely give you that dewy and glowy finish. Blushes and contours can bring colour to your face which otherwise was looking plain with the only foundation. It can bring that charm your face needs on top in order to complete the glam portion of the look.


Being the glow-getter is essential for all the glam looks possible! That shine on your face should clearly show how big of a party animal or event enthusiast you are. Turn heads with the right amount of highlighter on the high points of your face. There are also different shades for every woman out there when it comes to highlighters. Silvers, pinks and goldens; you need to decide what mood you’re in and what your skin tone is in order to find your ‘the one’ shade. Wear it with confidence and listen to compliments like “you are glowing” or “you are shining like a star today”. Get those golden hour selfies and pictures with your highlighter on point.


Your lashes should be bigger than your dreams? We approve! The longer the lashes, the better the gratification. Gotta pick out a waterproof, clump-free mascara to sway away all the worries of getting it smudged all over the face. It should make the lashes thick. You can also opt for a mascara which is a brow gel as well because who doesn’t love a multipurpose product that you can use when you’re on the go? Your eyeliner wings should be sisters, we know they can’t be twins. Naturally! You can also bring out a little smokey effect with the eyeliner and rock that imperfectly perfect eye look.


The final product to finish a look is as essential as the first product to start a look. Setting spray is known for sealing in the make-up and also refreshing the make-up. After you are done with your favourite make-up routine, spray a couple of spritzes of the setting spray and give it a few seconds to dry. You should, at all costs, avoid touching the wet face after spraying as one will be forced to go back to square one. Hairspray has also been an alternative if one runs out of the setting spray, as it works just fine.

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