Tips to get Shiny & long-lasting Mehndi

Tips to get Shiny & long-lasting Mehndi

Significance of mehndi in Indian Culture –

Yes, it is true that mehndi is utilized at wedding rituals since it is believed to be a symbol of fertility. Mehndi has been utilized in Indian weddings for decades, but there is also another important reason for this!

Mehndi is a medicinal herb that is excellent for reducing stress. Although a wonderful time for the families involved, weddings can be stressful. Mehndi application reduces anxiety and helps to ward off headaches and fever.

Additionally, it is sometimes used with lemon and eucalyptus oil, both of which are excellent medicinal powerhouses and aid in henna's coloration.

Since its use has been recognized since ancient times, it is constantly an essential component of most Indian festivals!

However, as was already noted, the dark hue also stands for the love that your new family would have for you. We obviously don't know the exact story behind this; it's just an old myth, which explains why it's so difficult to produce truly deep color. However, let's strive to obtain a deep, black henna color organically rather than making them leap through hoops for us. Making your mehndi color darker and deeper is easy to do.

Tips for Darker Mehndi –

1.Wash before applying –

Before you sit down to apply mehndi, carefully wash your hands with soap. Don't apply any creams or lotions, please. Mehndi will be totally absorbed and you will obtain a darker shade by removing any potential layers from your skin.

2.Apply Eucalyptus Oil –

Exceptionally, use eucalyptus oil. Apply this essential oil to your hands and feet after washing your hands. In addition to having a pleasant scent, the oil actually works to make mehndi’s color darker.

3. Let your Mehndi dry naturally –

Give your hands' mehndi time to dry naturally. Don't blow dry your hair or shake hands. The design may become smudged by movement or airflow, wasting all the effort you invested in applying it.

4. Invest the hours –

As long as you can, preferably overnight, keep the mehendi on your hands. Once it has dried, you can ask someone to lightly wrap your hands to keep the mehendi in place and prevent crumbs from falling onto the mattress.

5. Smoke it –

It's thought that the smoke produced by heated cloves are used to deepen mehndi. Turn on the heat and add some cloves to an iron skillet. Allow your mehndi to come into contact with the cloves' smoke. Hold your hands out as long as you can tolerate the heat; only stop when you notice that they are beginning to hurt.

6. Lemon & Sugar –

After the mehndi has fully dried, rub sugar and lemon juice together and apply to your hands. Apply it delicately with a cotton ball. Avoid overdoing it because the juice can wind up fading the color.

7. Vicks to the rescue –

It's time to take off the mehndi after keeping it overnight. Rub your hands together gently until all of the mehndi has been removed. On your hands, rub some pickle oil or Vicks. You've been known to get a dark mehndi color after doing this.

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