Resolutions That Beauty Lovers Need To Take In 2022

Resolutions That Beauty Lovers Need To Take In 2022

Beauty industry is one of the most dynamic industries we have out there, and the constant wave of trends surely takes a toll on our skin. However, we can’t be sitting at the bay every time when a new trend hops in, to match footsteps with it, we indulge in some color play which ends up cracking our skin badly.

Indulging in make-up play shall be mindful, kind to skin, and all things trendy. Let us reform our beauty habits and indulge in some resolution knitting for 2022.

 Follow the mantra, “Less is more” : Everything loud and bold is a thing of the past, and when it comes to donning a no make-up make-up look, the concept of “less is more” is surely winning hearts. Following a ten step make-up routine isn’t necessary, if you can be done within a three step routine itself. Going all heavy with the base, at times feels heavy on the skin and in those times a glide of a concealer may do the trick of hiding your skin imperfections perfectly. A lip and cheek tint likewise poses for an apt pick and can replace your heavy shimmery eye shadows, lips, and blush!

Say hello to ombre! Ombre lips are all set to make their mark in 2022, ditch your dark bold lipsticks and be ready to stock up on glosses to have your perfect ombre lip pout ready! Swiss Beauty’s GlossMe is the perfect gloss to hoard onto at the moment, it shines like a mirror, plumps and gives fuller lips in a glide. Your lips are one of the most prominent elements of your face and changing the way it looks can definitely enhance your look in totality. Also, you can apply it as is on your lips to have a clean yet chic look with softly glossed lips.

Swipe it clean, before you hit your bed! : We often leave the make-up on, before we hit the bed as we might be tired, or just too dazed. Did you know your skin cells are wide awake when you sleep? It starts to repair itself, and the tissues are on work to reverse the damage caused during the day. However, if we leave the make-up on, it restrains the skin to re-work on itself. Thus, make sure to take off the make-up before you hit the bed. We suggest using Swiss Beauty’s Make-Up Remover, or Cleansing Wipes to take off the make-up gently. It does the job without ripping off your skin of its natural moisture.

Use the products that suits “Your Skin Type”: Every beauty product becomes a rage, as soon as it is introduced in the market. However, your skin might not like it and in return may give you a bunch of acne, or may reward you with dirty dark patches. It is extremely important to use the products that suit your skin type in particular and make you look your best self, while being friends with your skin. So that you and your skin both may enjoy the look you put together.

Get back to the good old kohled eye! : Nobody can ever go wrong with a kohled eye! The trend is making a “U turn” and is here to stay for 2022 at least. A softly kohled eye can do the trick and make your eyes pop a little. A soft swipe of kohl, over your lashlines, and a subtle smudge over your eyelid will give an apt soft smoke to sail your day. We recommend using Swiss Beauty’s Fashion Wear Soft Kohl Kajal, it is one of the darkest black pencils to ace your kohled eye look.





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