Rainbow Inspired Color

Rainbow Inspired Color

It’s Pride Month and the whole town is talking about it. There is so much to talk about the glitter and glam as it is the most colorful month of the year.  There are these stunning Pride march all over the world that is almost an explosion of colors and creativities.


Almost all colors of the Swiss Beauty palettes come with special pride rainbow color palette as it is inspired by the colors of Pride Month and you sure don’t want to be left behind! In case you’re still in awe of all that’s happening in the name of this beautiful Pride Month, we at Swiss Beauty brings to you an enigma of varied colors to fill your life with rainbow. So, let our Pride swell with some of the most beautiful pride makeup ideas as we take you through varied beauty hacks which you can use with our rainbow inspired palettes


5 Jaw Dropping Looks that make you look Gorgeous –


Surely ample of you want your looks and spirits to be in tune with those of the Pride Parade. When, it comes to defining perfect Makeup looks, there is only one stigma, and that is, there are no stigmas or rules attached to the looks.

Pride is all about expressing your eccentricity, showcasing your originality, and pepping it all up with lots of colors, dazzles and tinsels. We being to you 5 head-turning Pride makeup ideas to get your looks drop dead stunning looks with Swiss Beauty Color Palettes which define the true beauty of being eccentric and colorful.


1. Rainbow Eyeliner Stories –

If being elusive is not your cup of tea, we have the right pride makeup ideas for you! Grab every single color of our Palette that appeals to you from Swiss beauty Eye Shadow Palette and trace the colors one over the other. This way you get to create the rainbow hues of your choice.

  • Provide the lashes a substantial coat of mascara.
  • Keep the lips elusive with a soft shade so that the eyes can unfold the dramatic versions
  • Let your hair loose and apply a colored gel to finish off
  • Give your lower lash a dab of colors to keep the party going on


2. Facepaint –

Show your support for Pride month by bringing out your creative best! Use various Body Paint to paint out the colors of rainbow which are red, yellow, and blue to create a vivid version of your originality an eccentricity


  • Embellish the look using sequins and rhinestones for the full-blown play of colors.
  • Stand out with the most impacting pride month makeup ideas of all.
  • Give your hair a spray of colors and paint the lips with a complementing color, and assert your Pride!


3. Rainbow pop of blush –

When it comes to the best pride month makeup ideas, you just cannot overlook the rainbow pop of blush effect! Unfold your colorful side as you apply different colors to the face in horizontal way

  • Start with soft yellow eyeshadow color for the eyelids.
  • Move to the nose area and paint the face varied stokes of colors to pop out the rainbow
  • Use the rainbow colors from the eyeshadow palette to create the refined effect
  • Blend all the colors, then add some shimmer to finish it off with glitters
  • Use a bright red lipstick to glam up the lips and to finish off the look


4. Rainbow Crease Eyes –

Create the dramatic look with rainbow crease. Use a white eyeshadow or eyeliner color on the crease of the eyelid.

  • Now start to apply the other shades of the rainbow from the inner to the outer eyes.
  • Go from the lightest shade to the darkest. Start with yellow on the inner side, move to pink, and ultimately blue.
  • Blend them to bring out the true splash of rainbow defined by the white lining!
  • Blush up with a pastel shade and use highlighter abundantly to bring on the shimmery look on the face.
  • Give the lips a glossy finish with a nude pink, and you’re ready to show your Pride!


5. Kaleidoscope of colors –

When you’re in the temperament to stand up with Pride, you can elude yourself in a muddle of colors! Take any color of your choice from eyeshadow palette that you love.

  • Balance out the shimmer colors with the matte.
  • Give it a touch of royal blue to bring out the strong essence of Pride in you.
  • Play out the drama with bright and gloss it all up for the high shine look.

You can never go wrong with your Pride in these brilliant pride month makeup ideas!!!

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