Having a luminous, and glowy skin, is like having a million dollars? Are we right or are we right? We can always make some of both, if we try!


Winters are here in full swing and so is our dry skin, of course we got to put on some make-up as we step out. But, our winter skin definitely refuses to put up with the products that we already have stocks of. So, having winter make-up essentials is topping our list.

Use a gentle cleanser: Cleansing your skin with harsh cleansers, usually leaves your skin dry and tightened feeling very much like an annoying, uncomfortable pair of jeans. However, switching up to a gentle cleanser can do the trick more peacefully and won’t rip off the glow factor from your skin as it will retain the natural moisture of the skin. We suggest using Swiss Beauty’s Gentle Mousse Cleanser, which makes up for a great fit as it is potent with every aspect of your winter skin and combats pitfalls of a harsh cleanser.

Brightening primer is certainly a steal!: A matte primer is definitely a steal, and we agree to it. However, that doesn’t seem to join hands with winter skin and for that matter, we have found a perfect match for you and that is Swiss Beauty’s highlighting primer, that instantly brightens your skin and moisturizes too. It’s a win-win, no? It imparts a dewy look, and oomphs up your glow factor, whilst giving you a perfect base.

Care + Cream + Foundation, what better than this combo?: Certainly we are all afraid when it comes to picking a foundation for winters, right? But, we have got you all sorted with Swiss beauty’s Skin Care CC Cream Foundation, as the name suggests the foundation doesn’t only do its job, rather takes care of your skin and is infused with skin care qualities. Well, if this isn’t every girl needs for a flawless yet dewy make-up base, we don’t know what a woman needs for a perfect winter skin base?

Bronzed, Flushed, Highlighted, umm.. an all in one?: Who doesn’t love to load down the number of products of their everyday make-up pouch? A palette that has an intriguing color theme, that gets you rightly bronzed, flushed cheeks and highlighted. Swiss Beauty’s Pro Blush & Highlight Palette is all you need for a chiseled look. Highlight and make the high points of your face pop with a subtle shimmer that will enhance the glow factor and will make you stand out.

How about dark fuller lips?: Lips surely is one element that can change your entire look within a swipe of a lipstick, and we can’t agree more. Dark lips have always been one pick for winters and have never failed in making a mark, and so we have one iconic range for you, i.e. Swiss Beauty’s HD Matte Lipstick, available in 24 beautiful shades, having an extreme coverage with high color pay off factor. It has an enticing color range that poses for an apt winter mood, and has you ready within minutes. Also, as we are speaking of glow and dew, how can we miss the OG  lip gloss? Glosses have been in trend for a while and we are in awe of it, GlossMe is one product that leaves your lips all plumped, shining like a mirror and makes it look fuller. A swipe of a gloss will give a finishing to your entire look, and you’ll be ready to rock whichever place you step into. Also, you can apply it on your bare lips as well if you are not a fan of anything over the top.