Pro Tips To Protect Your Skin During Holi Session

Pro Tips To Protect Your Skin During Holi Session

The weather is all warmed  up, and our spirits are high as the celebration of Holi approaches. Very much like each and every other Indian celebration, the arrangements for the festival and tones of excitement start a long time ahead of its actual celebration. Apart from food and festival specific delicacies, Holi is a festival fueled with colors and water splashes but requests extraordinary care  when it comes to  the skin and hair also. While homegrown colors limit the gamble of skin harm, you actually need to amp up your skincare routine to forestall any skin problems. Here are some skincare botches you ought to keep away from during Holi to safeguard your skin without limit!

Drench your skin into the jar of Moisturizer: There’s no such thing as extra moisturized skin when it comes to playing Holi. Your skin gets to bear a lot, when it is hit hard by Holi colors. The colors are no longer made from flowers and organic ingredients and are totally piled by chemicals, which tend to rip off our skin moisture and impact its texture awfully. Moisturization is an extremely important part of Skincare and ensures that our skin tissues remain supple and for Holi it ensures that the colors do stick to the skin for long. We suggest you to apply a thick layer of Brightening day cream, as it is a moisture dense formula and will amp up your skin for playing Holi.

A little make-up doesn’t hurt anybody: Make-up that shouldn’t look made-up, Waterproof make-up is a must to carry in Holi. A light veil of base is always a yes, and a sheer glow base goes a long way. We recommend the Swiss Beauty’s Shiny Pearl BB foundation, it’s a lightweight spf enriched formula that enhances your skin with a little tint. Top it up with Swiss Beauty’s cream n tint, it gives a natural flush to your cheek, gives a subtle tint to your lips and enhances your overall look. Enriched with Vitamin E, it ensures to safeguard your skin too.

Lather yourself in sunscreen: Make SPF your best friend. Holi is usually played under the sun in parks and open spaces and Sun’s shining loud, though it's a warm and fun filled feeling, however it leaves our skin under stress. It’s a lot of attack on your skin, with chemical pile up of Holi colors and UV rays adding on to it. It worsens your skin tissues from within. We suggest you to apply Swiss Beauty’s sunscreen spray as it’s enriched with SPF and red pomegranate extract to protect and nourish your skin from harsh UV rays. It additionally comes with a spray pump which enhances your application experience and eases spread ability.

Protect your nails: In the event that you are somebody who adores their nails, you must be having a struggle, pondering playing Holi. All things considered, dread not for we have perhaps the most ideal way to save the feel of your nails while playing Holi. Dunk your nails in olive oil to assist them with trying not to absorb tones and afterward apply a thick layer of nail paint over them. We suggest you painting them with Swiss Beauty’s Classic Nail Polish as it has strong pigments and is a non chip formula that ensures that your nails and nail beds are protected.


These are some of the most important steps that one must follow in order to protect their skin before playing Holi.

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