Post Wedding Damsel

Post Wedding Damsel

Yes, a wedding may be really stressful. Being a bride is really stressful, from choosing the ideal shade of your lip colour to the colour of your bridal lehenga. The airbrushed technique and HD cosmetics, which can enhance a bride's beauty on her wedding day and ceremonies, were both brought to us in recent years.

Brides! Let's be real here. Hiring a beauty artist for every occasion may be very expensive, which is why many women choose to apply their own makeup for pre- and post-wedding rituals, but often skip one or two steps that prevent them from getting the desired results. Therefore, whether it's your wedding, a mehndi or haldi ceremony, or a small puja gathering, we have simple makeup techniques that are easy to follow and apply on your own. Here are the 7 bridal beauty steps you must save for your post-wedding ceremonies and looks, from applying your makeup base to choosing the ideal lip colour. So, girl, without further ado, let's begin!


1.Use CTM technique – 

  • C – Cleansing
  • T – Toning
  • M – Moisturizing

The first step to healthy skin is to follow a CTM programme. Start by adhering to these straightforward CTM procedures in order to maintain healthy, hydrated skin. Gently massage your face twice daily for quick results if you want a clear glass skin impression before your wedding celebrations.


2. Start from the Base –

It's crucial to create a flawless base once you've achieved glowing skin with a CTM routine before applying your bridal makeup. Applying a primer before the foundation will help the makeup last longer and will help it last longer if your base is smooth and toned. Otherwise, it won't last as long.


3. Contour for the edges –

The next step is contouring, which is crucial for outlining the cheekbones, nose, and jaw line. You may make your cheekbones look sharp and on-point like the well-known blogger “stylefashionetc.” by contouring and highlighting!


4. Fill your brows perfectly –

Our eyebrows are something we need to remember, just like our eyes! After finishing your CTM process, makeup base, and contouring, it is very crucial to carefully fill in the brows because even a small error may destroy your entire makeup.


5. Applying Eyeshadow –

A hint of makeup will glam up your appearance. Simple apply eyeshadow on eye for a very simple yet elegant eye makeup look that you can use for occasions without spending a fortune!


6. Perfect Winged eyeliner –

You can try a variety of eyeliner looks for your wedding-related events. But a winged eyeliner is what we adore the best. If you're not very confident using winged eyeliner, you can try this stamp liner instead. It takes only 5-7 minutes to apply, and it will match your wedding dress, lehenga, or even saree perfectly in such situation.


7. Full Lips –

Post-wedding events & ceremonies might last for hours with little to no opportunity for makeup touch-ups. And no matter how much you adore a certain hue, forget about it if it isn't long-lasting. Now, you can use any trick you like to mattify a lipstick and extend its wear, but a good long-stay lipstick that doesn't need refreshing will always win. 

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