New makeup trends for 2023

New makeup trends for 2023

We might not be able to cover New Year - New Beginnings for you but New Year - New Makeup ? That’s something we definitely can help cover. 2023 is going to be all about eyes, lips and nails and to make sure you are at the top of your makeup, we have created this list of New Year makeup trends for 2023 For a collection of breath-taking outfits to trendy makeups (by Swiss Beauty) that will ensure you begin the upcoming 365 days in style, keep reading.


1. Glamorous Blue

While we usually enjoy using silver and gold lighting during night-outs, 2023 will be about going all-out with vibrant, eye-catching hues. Simply select a vivid blue eyeshadow, such as Swiss Beauty Eyeshadow in Blue Lagoon, and apply it to your lids with your finger. Then use an eyeshadow brush to blend the colour onto your inner eye corners, up into your eye crease, and onto the outside corners of your lids (our favourite is the Swiss Beauty Eye Shadow Brush f01-5 for packing on colour with minimum fallout). Precision is not necessary for this look because concentrating colour out from your eyelid's centre will give it a slightly abstract feel that is so vibrant and exciting. Use your go-to nude or a light, understated peachy-pink lipstick to keep the attention on your eyes.


2. Super Smokey Winged Eyes 

This style takes on a whole new level of beauty when champagne shimmer and extended wings are added. We use one reliable tool—clear tape—to maintain the symmetry and evenness of our wings. At the outside corners of each eye, apply it at an upward angle. After that, use black or charcoal eyeshadow and blend to your heart's content. You'll have razor-sharp, evenly spaced wings after removing the tape. Dark black eyeliner should be used to define your lower and upper lash lines, and it should then be smudged out using an angled eyeliner brush. Champagne eyeshadow and loads of mascara are the finishing touches.


3. Stunning Silver Dots

This silver eye makeup with studded lashes is perfect for you if you enjoy sparkle as much as we do. Consider it jewels for your lids. To achieve this look, you can use stick-on rhinestones or a silver liquid eyeliner. For a stunning, flapper-inspired look, first draw the dots you desire with a black eyeliner pencil, then fill them in with silver, gold, and ruby red (or any other colour!). You will stand out from the crowd if you combine it all with your favourite accessories.


4. Wine Stained Lips

No look is more enthralling than this wine-stained, blurred-out lip, which is ideal for that kiss at midnight. In addition to being simple to touch up while you're on the go, it also needs less accuracy and maintenance to pull off than its bright red sibling. Apply a generous amount of lip balm on your palm, then apply lipstick directly over it to create it with (nearly) any berry-hued lipstick in your arsenal. To create a little sheer stain, blend the colours together with your finger. Use your finger to dab colour into your lips for a stained, smudged appearance.

Replace the gold eyeshadow with a neutral-toned yellow one. Then, use your fingers to apply any remaining lip colour on your cheeks for a blush that looks as though you just came in from the cold. The outcome? a completely eye-catching appearance that requires no care.


5. Dewy Skin & Red Lips 

With this beauty look, you can add a dewy twist to a classic makeup style by enhancing delicate, natural hues with a catchy shine. You should choose an eyeshadow that can stay the longest possible like the Swiss Beauty Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette which has a long-lasting effect. The Swiss Beauty Eyeshadow Palette offers longwear colour that will remain put long after your late-night pizza run and is incredibly simple to apply.

For a bombshell impact, add a high-shine crimson lip-gloss at the end. Apply your favourite matte-red lipstick, and top it with a clear gloss for a big shine that will last no matter how much champagne you consume. You can even go in with a brightly-coloured lip gloss for big shine.


6. Euphoria-Inspired Glitter

Although we like glossy red lips, we couldn't help but stare at this deep blue variation. This outfit is guaranteed to draw attention if you're planning to go all out in 2023. Use a deep blue lip liner to create the glitter lip, then finish with a similar shade of deep blue lipstick. To make your lipstick last longer, blot your lips several times with a tissue before adding another layer. Squeeze a small quantity of lip primer onto the bristles of a lip brush. Then, using a brush dipped in loose blue glitter, pat the glitter onto your lips while varying the consistency to achieve the ideal appearance.


7. Gleaming Bronze for Face 

Swap glitter with bronze to achieve shimmer in a more understated manner. We adore this look's gentle, organic shine. Smudge a long-lasting brown eyeliner, such as the SWISS BEAUTY Eyeliner, along your upper and lower lash lines to achieve the look. With your favourite SWISS BEAUTY bronzer, extend the stunning shimmer to your cheeks, and add a bright pop of light with a warm highlighter.

Trendy Makeup Tips For

Here are a few pointers that can assist you in attaining the finest results possible despite the conflicting emotions you may be experiencing towards your makeup for the New Year's Eve party. The following advice will help you effectively execute the greatest SWISS BEAUTY cosmetics look that you read about in the section above.

  • Always cleanse your face before applying makeup.
  • Apply a primer if you haven't already.
  • Use lip balm and moisturiser to keep your lips and face moisturised.
  • Play with different shapes and bright liners.
  • Keep the glossy, vibrant lip colours on hand.
  • Apply blush naturally—all it's about blush in the winter.
  • Try the lips painted in watercolour.

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