Makeup products for your Travel kit

Makeup products for your Travel kit

Having your best travel cosmetics in your makeup bag may really make a difference if you want to look fantastic for your vacation photos while you travel. It's a difficult assignment because you'll need a travel makeup kit that fits in your carry-on, helps with oily skin and dry patches on the flight, but is light enough to give you that natural glow when you're on vacation.


Not to mention that the weather in the destination can occasionally be finicky, so you'll want an all-purpose travel makeup that looks well in both rain and sunshine.

Hey, if you're having trouble finding the perfect mascara, foundation, or lipstick that genuinely makes your lips look amazing, don't worry; I've got you covered. We put together the best list to beauty products that will make your trip spectacular after years of research and a tonne of trial and error. The skincare items and travel makeup that you need are listed below.


Travel Make up Tips – 

Being able to fit as much travel cosmetics as you require in a carry-on luggage is one of the toughest challenges. You occasionally travel for two weeks, so you'll need a sizable toiletries bag that fits in your luggage. Finding compact travel containers may help you save room, but it's likely that you won't be able to accommodate your makeup brushes, travel cosmetics bag, and other essentials like skin care and hair supplies.

I advise purchasing a suitcase when booking longer-haul flights so you may check it along with your toiletry bag containing your larger-size travel makeup and some of your carry-on luggage. Don't worry; I'll go through what belongs in your checked bag and your travel makeup bag separately.


Pack Up for Flight –

The best travel beauty advice I can provide is to get a special makeup bag for your favourite items. This is where you keep your best makeup and any other essentials that you always need to have on hand and use for your daily beauty regimen.

Your favourite eyeshadow palette, mascara, lip gloss, lip balm, lipstick, lip gloss, eyebrow pencil, and make-up brushes, as well as more expensive products like limited edition travel makeup, are likely to be included in this bag. Don't forget to pack your go-to concealer, brushes, skincare products, and any other small goods in travel sizes that will fit in your carry-on.

Make sure you have travel-sized toiletries for larger items like shampoo, shower gel, or your preferred moisturiser if you are unable to buy a checked bag.


Products you need to pack for your travel –


1. Moisturizer –

A good travel moisturiser should be portable and full of beneficial ingredients. Your skin needs to be moisturised, not made oily. And fortunately, there are now more options available than ever before. 

A good moisturiser has a higher SPF that refines and brightens your skin while shielding it from UV ray damage.

Choose Swiss Beauty moisturizer for skin. The cream has an excellent texture and was not subjected to animal testing. Additionally, every ingredient is vegan.


2. Primer –

Swiss Beauty primer is unquestionably the greatest primer. Why? Because it doesn't include any dangerous substances and not only makes your skin lovely.


3. Foundation for Oily Skin –

The ideal foundation for damp or humid conditions is a topic of some discussion. You'll need something that actually adheres to your skin and is attractive in countries like Singapore, UK, US. If you don't want to seem glossy, choose Swiss Beauty foundation.

Although they are a tad on the pricier side, these products last for months and a little goes a long way.


4. Swiss Beauty Eye Liner –

An eyeliner that lasts all day is what you desire. Additionally, there are several choices available. The Swiss Beauty Eye Liner is what we advise. It can be ordered online or can be purchased from a store, but trust me, the money is worth it. Even if you touch it, it won't smear. It is ideal and conveniently sized for travel. This is the best eyeliner pencil on the market, if you're looking for one. Made to stay in place all day long without irritating your sensitive skin.


5. Swiss Beauty Mascara –

When it comes to mascara, we also adore and highly recommend Swiss Beauty Mascara. It is an inexpensive product that performs admirably and can be used in place of other cosmetics. Apply some blush and this mascara for a natural look, and you'll look amazing. Use an eyeliner pencil to add drama for a dramatic look.


6. Travel Lipstick –

This is a tricky one since some ladies want a rich, gorgeous red while others choose something more understated that goes practically everywhere. It is advised that you bring both. You want to be bold and self-assured when you're out and about while you're travelling. Don't be afraid to use the bright colours that make you feel amazing. The top red?

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