Make-up essentials for “No-Makeup” Look

Make-up essentials for “No-Makeup” Look

Even though, Make-up at times looks and feels like a lot for you or the simple mere thought of applying it conflicts with your moderate daily practice, When it turns out to be good, it actually makes you feel confident in your skin! Ain’t that true?

Minimalism is hoverboarding and how! We’re totally in awe of new “no make-up, make-up looks” that just gives your look a spark, with minimal efforts and looks, oh, so amazing! However, a little effort is required to ace the “no make-up, make-up look”! Essentials, can absolutely do the job and make you stand out!

Below listed are some of the products that you should totally bag on, to create your perfect look!

A glow boosting serum/oil : There’s nothing better than glowing skin! Are we wrong, or are we wrong? A naturally glowing skin, minuses your effort of making it look flawless. A glow boosting lightweight acts as a priming oil for your skin, gives a boost of nourishment making it look healthy and imparts a natural radiance. A drop or two for an extremely oily skin does the job, on the other hand, a pump full of moisturizing oil can do the job. We suggest using Swiss Beauty’s Moisturizing & Face Oil.

A hunt for a flawless Foundation! : Making a base is like baking a cake, the batter has to be so good and smooth, for a flawless crust! Similarly,  The incredible thing about Foundation is that it comes in an assortment of recipes when it comes to fitting each skin-type. One normal misguided judgment about Foundations is that it likewise should be weighty on the skin to look great. But, it is not always required as such, A foundation should ideally do the job of covering your imperfections rather than giving you a completely revamped skin. Also, a buildable foundation should ideally be preferred to achieve a “no make-up make-up look” so that you can adjust it’s coverage likewise! We suggest you try BB Foundation by Swiss Beauty. Which has an apt amount of moisture yet covers your skin imperfections beautifully, and is buildable as well. 

An all in 1 palette? : Hoarding too many products is always chaotic, right? How about having, bronzer, blusher, and highlighter in one palette? Well, we have a steal for you! Swiss Beauty’s pro blush and highlight palette is oh, so amazing and has an apt set of shades to help you ace your look. A little crush of color on your crease will define it a little and will look natural, also a subtle flush of color on your cheek and highlighted high points will chisel out your face the best!

Notch- up your eye game: What’s eyes without kohl? Lining your water lines with a kohl pencil can absolutely do it's magic, a gel eyeliner is an absolute steal and does the job real smooth! A glide of it and an intense deposit sits on for long, making eyes appear big and bold! Lift up your lashes, with Swiss Beauty’s Bold Eyes Super Lash Mascara to an apt amount of oomph factor with your lashes!

A subtle swipe of lipstick : A woman can never go wrong with a subtle swipe of lipstick! Certainly we can’t deny why lipstick is one of the most adored products hoarded by women in volumes! It just revamps your entire look in a swipe and we totes agree to it. We suggest you try on HD matte lipsticks by Swiss Beauty! It’s creamy, stays on for long and has a range of shades to suit your mood the best!

These products are a wholesome delight for you to ace your look effortlessly!

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