Long-Lasting Lipstick Hacks: How to Make Your Favourite Shade Stay Put All Day Long

Long-Lasting Lipstick Hacks: How to Make Your Favourite Shade Stay Put All Day Long

Seeing your favourite lipstick fade or smudge away after a few hours can be frustrating. It is a common beauty woe that can make you angry and ready to throw in the towel. With our expert tips and top picks for the best long-lasting lipsticks , you can bid adieu to the hassle of constant touch-ups and say hello to a perfect pout. Whether you are heading to work, running errands, or hitting the town for a night out, we have the ultimate guide to achieving a flawless lip look.  

How To Make Your Lipstick Last Long

1. Prepping Your Lips

The secret to a perfect pout is all about preparation. Start by exfoliating your lips. Removing those pesky dead skin cells to create a smooth surface that your lipstick can cling to, ensuring that your colour stays put all day long.  

The next step is moisturising those luscious lips for a long-lasting, bold look. And here's a pro tip - opt for a lightweight lip balm like Swiss Beauty’s Kiss Kandy Lip Balm to avoid any excess oil that can cause your lipstick to slide off. So, go ahead and show your lips some TLC, and get ready to rock a flawless, long-lasting lip look that will leave everyone in awe!

2. The Infamous Concealer Hack

Once you have prepared and primed your lips, the next step is to conceal them. Apply a lightweight concealer or foundation on your lips to achieve a smooth base to work on. This will help to balance out the natural colour of your lips, making it easier for the actual lip colour to stand out on your pout. 

3. Application Techniques

Choosing the right formula for lipstick can also make a big difference in how long it lasts. Matte lipsticks are generally the most long-lasting, especially if they are smudge-proof. Swiss Beauty Crayon Lipstick is a great option to try. When applying your lipstick, be sure to layer it for better-staying power. You can also use a lip brush to apply your lipstick more precisely and create a longer-lasting finish. 

4. Maintenance and Touch-Ups

Be sure to carry your favourite long-lasting smudge-proof lipstick in your purse, and touch-up your lips whenever necessary. Get ready to dazzle everyone with your stunning pout, no matter what the day throws at you! 

Types of Lipsticks You Can Try

From the velvety smoothness of matte formulas to the high shine of glosses, there is no shortage of options for finding the perfect lipstick. So, if you are looking for a new go-to shade, check out these different lipsticks worth trying.

1. Matte Lipstick

Ladies, be prepared to put your best pout forward because we are about to spill the tea on a popular makeup trend. Smudge-proof lipsticks are the ultimate must-have for any bold and beautiful makeup look. These Swiss Beauty Matte Cat Lip Crayons have been making waves in the beauty community for years, and it is easy to see why! With their non-reflective, velvety finish, matte formulas are the perfect way to achieve a high-impact, edgy look that will turn heads wherever you go. 

2. Lip Stains or Tints

Now let's talk about the power of lip stains! Lip stains are a perfect addition to your makeup vanity if you are looking for a lip product that will give you a natural flush of colour. These magical formulas offer sheer, buildable colours that can stay put for hours. One standout product to check out is the Swiss Beauty 3-In-1 Lip And Cheek Cream N' Tint, perfect for those everyday moments when you want to look effortlessly stunning. 

3. Cream Lipsticks

This innovative product combines the best of both worlds, giving you the longevity of matte lipstick with the comfort of a cream formula. You do not have to worry about dry, flaky lips with this lightweight, creamy texture that will leave your pout looking luscious. Swiss Beauty's Soft Matte Lip Cream is ideal for the perfect look. With a wide range of gorgeous shades, be ready to rock every event.  

4. Liquid Lipsticks

The magical formula of liquid lipsticks is the holy grail of lip products, offering a matte texture that stays put no matter what. These lipsticks provide a smudge-proof and transfer-proof finish that will make you look fierce and fabulous all day. While some liquid lipsticks can be drying and uncomfortable, brands like Swiss Beauty have cracked the code. Their Ultra Smooth Matte Liquid Lipstick is no exception! This lightweight formula glides on like butter, leaving a velvety-soft finish. 

We all know the search for the perfect, long-lasting lipstick can be never-ending. But some fantastic options are sure to become your go-to for all-day wear. If you are looking for a high-quality, transfer-proof formula, look no further than Swiss Beauty Matte Lipstick. With its rich, velvety texture and long-lasting colour, this lipstick is perfect for any occasion. So, go ahead and experiment with different formulas and find the one that works best for you.

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