Lipstick shades for a brighter, bolder look

Lipstick shades for a brighter, bolder look

If you are the one who loves to only add deep rouge shades and pretty hues of pink to your lipstick kit, it's time to take a step ahead and try something different. Trust up, lips are one of the facial features you can experiment with the most. So, why resist yourself from going darker, deeper, and bolder with your choice of lipsticks? From dark cocoa to fiery oranges, explore a whole wide world of shades to shop lipstick that makes you look brighter and bolder. To help you start, here are a few shades you must consider.

Red Hot

Gliding a classic red lipstick just once on your lips can amp up your look like nothing else! You could team up a red lipstick with either pink or orange undertones and switch between them to enhance your look. We suggest you must go for this experiment for that oh-so-hot look!

Bright Pink

No wonder, a screaming pink color can make even an understated look stand out. So, what are you thinking? Get your hands on this shade of matte lipstick and pair it with a gleaming eye makeup look in a complimenting color like purple.

Lovely Coral

A matte coral lipstick can add drama to your look. Can you guess the best part? OK, let us tell you. This shade complements all skin tones. So, it’s a win-win for everyone.

If you’re yearning an awesome lip makeup, then get your hands on this shade. It will surely offer a brighter and bolder look.

Bold Burgundy

A bold burgundy lip shade can be a trendsetter and your favorite style statement. While you’re going in with a bolder lipstick, play down the eyes. Just apply your mascara and you are good to go!

An outstanding bold lip color like burgundy can be your perfect choice and can make them stop and stare.

Beautiful Plum

Here’s another bolder, brighter lip color that can take your glamour quotient to the next level. Yes, it’s a plum hue that can help you stand distinctive amongst the rest!

Awesome Sepia

While a nude brown lipstick can look super natural, dramatic sepia brown can help you make a style statement.

You can pair a sepia brown lipstick with kohl-rimmed eyes and a high-on-highlighter look for added glamour. Amongst all the matte lipstick shades, this one can be the perfect pick.

Complete this beautiful lipstick shade with soft smokey eyes and lots of highlighter. We suggest you must go for this hue.

Mind Blowing Mauve

Mauve is one such bold hue that not only suits all Indian skin tones but is excellent for all events also. For parties, wear a mauve shade that has a touch of plum hue in it. For the office, apply a mauve lipstick with a tinge of pink whereas for a night out, go for a mauve swatch that seems brown upon applying.

Trust us, all these bold and bright lip shades are worth trying.


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