Eyeshadow Trends that will dominate this Year

Eyeshadow Trends that will dominate this Year

Consequently, it's that time of year again when the leaves are changing to a variety of sunset-coloured hues, hot chocolate is officially back on the menu, and (should we say) "hot girl summer" is gradually giving way to "cool girl autumn." However, even though the runways are awash in tiny bags and sumptuous slip dresses, we've got our eyes on the exquisite eyeshadow trends that are making people's eyes appear like dream boats.

Think artistic abstract splashes, glittering rock glam gazes, punk metallic eyes, painterly strokes (more on that later), statement rhinestone embellishments, and much more...oh la la. Here is our guide to the most important makeup trends to try this season to help you get through the chaos!


Glam up Trends to Try –

1. Paint Artistically –

The artistic Painterly trend is exactly what your glam squad ordered if you enjoy painting a lot. This avant-garde trend borrows from the tie-and-dye outfits that have been dominating the catwalks and uses a combination of many different colours, including teal, scarlet, pink, and silver, finger-pressed in painterly forms and patterns all over the lid and brow area. The end result is an otherworldly, ethereal appearance that makes you want to reminisce about summertime and delectable gelato. Love.

Expert Advice: Since the method emphasises free flow, simply dip your fingers in the colours of your choosing for eyeshadow and start dabbing. Yes, it is that simple.


2. Pretty Purple Hue –

Are you picturing romance? Then, get set for a romantic evening with ultra-feminine soft pinks and purples that go great with your flowy tulle skirts and satin gowns. But what we adore most is how versatile this stylish eye makeup look is. Apply a lighter Lavender shade to your lids and mix in a deeper Violet hue to the crease to create some dimension. Choose a sparkly purple colour that will make you look oh-so-dreamy for a bit of glamour and beauty.

Expert Advice: Use lots of mascara to complete the look and a liner in a complementary colour to make your eyes sparkle.


3. Smudge Up with Poppy Colours –

Grunge themes and smudged eyeshadow? Yes, please! Wearing shockingly vivid eyeshadow in electric shades of blue, pink, and neon yellow is the way to go if happy, vibrant colours are your thing. The variety of ways you can wear this style makes it incredibly fun and doable; consider smudged rectangles of silver makeup, grungy royal blue, or even super-chic designs in burgundy and purple to match your outfit. The globe is open to you.

Expert Advice: Since the eyes are the focal point of the appearance, keep the rest of it simple with coloured lips and freshly washed skin.


4. Glitter Away –

Who's the brightest of them all among the glitter on the wall? This season is all about reaching for the stars, figuratively speaking, if you hadn't already guessed. Ultra-glitter-studded lids and well-contoured cheekbones add further drama to futuristic expanses of glittering colours. Apply a neutral eyeshadow first, then add sparkly monochromatic pastel hues sparingly for a delicate effect. Try blending two or more colours together for a fun holographic effect.

Expert Advice: Look for formulas that are creamy or gel-like and will stay to your eyes and not flake off. Remember to finish it off with a cosmetics setting spray.


5. Sparkle with Rhinestone –

Every female deserves a little bit of sparkle in her life, and this item is ideal. Metallic eyeshadows that are diffused, blended-out, shimmering, and dazzling with opulent Swarovski crystals on top are redefining glam rock and bringing the '70s aesthetic back with a boom (not kidding). Make a stunning entrance to any party with this look when paired with neutral lips and a light touch of highlighter.

Expert Advice: Interested in attempting the look at home? Utilizing lash glue, attach the crystals after applying a shimmery red eyeshadow to the lids.


6. Neon is the New Trend –

The only trend you'll need this summer is neon, and truth be told, there are ways to incorporate neon into your makeup routine without looking like you're going to a rave party. Neon adds a playful, eccentric element and gives you a platform to express yourself through your makeup. While neon makeup was once a statement piece, it may now be used in more comfortable, subdued ways. Fill your eyes with fluorescent colours for a fun vibe if you want to add strong colours to your everyday outfits.

Expert Advice: Keep the rest of the appearance simple with coloured lips and recently cleansed skin since the eyes are the main focal point.


7. Graphic Eyes –

Can anyone avoid the colour pop trend this summer? The trend of negative space eyes has taken the world by storm. Other than picking a matte foundation, give this season a try by experimenting with bright eyeshadow shades. Try Eye Lit You So, a vibrant eyeliner that will not only light the room but is also very alluring to the eye.

Expert Advice - The technique emphasises free flow, so simply dip your fingers in the eyeshadow colours of your choice and begin dabbing. Yes, it really is that easy.

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