Easy tips to get smokey eyes in just five minutes

Easy tips to get smokey eyes in just five minutes

Absolutely, smokey eyes might not be the most game-changing beauty look ever, but it is a promising manner to enhance your eye makeup and look seriously hot in just 5 minutes. But the main question is how to get it right. Fret not! We are here with some best-kept tips and tricks that will help you ace that look.

From going hard on the mascara to skipping the eyeshadow at first, here's how to nail a super quick smokey eye. Wait! What did you just say? You’re not a pro! We don’t want you to be an expert either. With these tips and tricks, you don’t need any expertise.

1. Begin with your base

Select a foundation that adds warmth and looks awesome teamed up with smoky eyes and subtle lip shade. Honey hues go well with smokey eye makeup casting the overall effect.

Pro tip: To make your smokey eye last long, do not tend to use an eyeshadow base unless the eyelids are super oily. Rather you can go for a mattifying face primer on the eyelids. Just apply concealer on the eyelids. This will help in correcting any discoloration on the eyes and then don’t forget to set it with some loose powder.

2. Go for the eyeliner without any second thought

There's no need to juggle with a cut crease, rather dive straight into the deep end with a jet black eyeliner.

Pro tip: Create a thick line along the top lash line with eye liner and extend slightly into a wing. Use a small thin brush to buff along the line to bring it down and get it looking worn in. Now, draw along the waterline to add depth. Trace under your eyes on your lower lash line and smudge in with your finger. Once applied, be quick! As you have less play time to smudge and move the liner before it sets.

3. Choose grey eyeshadow

Rather than an ink black shade that can take it too far, go for a concrete grey instead.

Next, take soft grey eyeshadow and press on to the lids using a small amount on a narrow brush. The eyeshadow helps set the pencil and offers eyes an airbrushed look.

Pro tip: To get the perfect shape, create the smokiness and depth at the lash line by using a dark liner or eyeshadow and then blending it out with a smudge brush. This guarantees that you don’t end up looking like you have that panda eye look.

Also, make sure that the eyeshadow doesn’t go up much beyond your socket. Do blend the edges of the eyeshadow after applying it every time.

4. Apply lots of Mascara

Another addition to your smokey eye makeup kit is black mascara. It is a magic wand to smoky eyes but ensures you push it right into the roots so you get that intensity of jet black.

Pro tip: Use the tip of the mascara wand to reach out to individual hairs and to 'fan' out lashes to make them look impactful. If your eyes are really round only add to your top lashes to give a narrowing, 'cat- like' effect'.

5. A glide of bronzer

A cool-toned smokey eye can often make you look a tad vampire-ish. Thus, it's important to add a touch of warmth back to the face.

Pro tip: Just sweep bronzer along cheekbones and into temples but don't overdo it.

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