Duo Mascara by CRAZE - The Queen of Multifunctionality

Duo Mascara by CRAZE - The Queen of Multifunctionality

The windows to your soul also deserve a soul mate, don’t they? Well, it is just mind-boggling how getting your eye makeup done can increase the slay factor by several notches and take your makeup routine to the next level. But, sadly, a full-blown eye look can be difficult to execute, and even intimidating to start with.

The current makeup trends on Instagram can be exhausting. You have smokey eyes, siren eyes, doe eyes, and more - the list goes on. Switching between different eye palettes, tools, and techniques is not easy. And, how can we forget the time taken to achieve these looks?

Well, fret not bestie, as there is a simple solution. If you own this one tool in your makeup arsenal, eye makeup woes are never going to bother you again. And yes, I am talking about mascaras. With just a few upward strokes, mascara can miraculously change the way you look and feel.

It is an instant confidence booster, kid you not! But, then again, the different types of mascaras - lengthening, volumising, curling, and more - can make your head spin.

Well, CRAZE by Swiss Beauty is here to solve all your mascara mess-ups. Our latest Duo Mascara is magic in a tube. Its dual-wand design adds both length and volume to your lashes while keeping them oh-so-fluttery and fabulous. Want to know what the hype is all about? Read ahead!

Duo Mascara by CRAZE - What Makes It Special?

Craze Duo Mascara Black (swissbeauty.in)

Getting your hands on the ‘perfect’ mascara can be tough. Most of the time, you have to choose between volume and length. Well, not any more, as the Duo Mascara by CRAZE is a 2-in-1 solution for extra lengthy, and ultra voluminous lashes.

    • Fun and Fabulash

The Duo Mascara by CRAZE has two wands - one adds volume to your lashes, while the other infuses length. The lengthening wand is slimmer and has tiny bristles that latch onto your lashes, seamlessly extending their length and adding a fluttery effect.

The volumizing wand is thicker and chunkier with closely-spaced and puffy bristles that make your lashes look fuller. So, you get the length, you get the volume, and you get the drama.

    • No Dry Days

Is anything sadder than dried-down mascara? Probably not! With the CRAZE Duo Mascara, you do not have to worry about dry and clumpy formulas. This mascara does not dry down in the tube and hence ensures maximum value and performance.

    • Curl-Lock Technology

Why stop at volume and length, when you can also flaunt curly lashes? The CRAZE Duo Mascara is specially formulated with curl-lock technology to provide your lashes with a fully-combed, curly and fluttery effect. So, the slay factor is amplified infinitely!

    • No Smudge, Only Slay

A smudge-resistant mascara that does not clump and harm your lashes is quite the catch. The CRAZE Duo Mascara provides you with the best of both worlds with its unique non-smudge and no-clump formula. Even after hustling through the day, removing your mascara at the end will not feel like a Herculean task. Thus, getting ‘unready’ at night feels comfy and relaxing, even for your lashes.

    • High-end Performance, Affordable Price Tag

Basic mascaras are everywhere. But, finding a multi-tasker and go-getter who gets everything done is quite a challenge, especially in the budget-friendly category. Well, our Duo Mascara breaks free from these stereotypes and shackles by ensuring high-end performance under a budget. So, slay, serve, and embrace your inner diva without burning a hole in your pocket.

Make Them Lashes Pop with the Duo Mascara by CRAZE

Fluttery, fabulous, and always on fleek, the CRAZE Duo Mascara is here to check all the right boxes. With an innovative dual-ended wand, curl-lock technology, and a non-clumpy formula, the Duo Mascara is designed to be your eye makeup bestie.

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