Don’t forget to follow these monsoon makeup tips before stepping out in the rain

Don’t forget to follow these monsoon makeup tips before stepping out in the rain

Everybody has their own definition and feeling of the monsoon. While for some the medley of drizzling and delicious snacks are a delight while for some rainy season may be the worst; especially for makeup lovers. From making shifts in beauty routines to making wardrobe monsoon-proof, the rainy season compels us to do many undesired things. One of them is dealing with the melting monsoon makeup look which is certainly a daunting challenge in this season. No wonder, monsoon results in dripping mascara, patchy foundation, smudging lip color, and not to forget unmanageable hair.

That said, while it may not be a good idea to step out with make-up on, going completely with no makeup isn't an option either. So, what to do in this scenario? Fret not, these monsoon makeup tips are there to help you out. No, we aren’t saying you to revamp your vanity with new products completely. Just some twists and tweaks to your daily makeup will make you monsoon-ready flawlessly.

Tip 1: Prepare Your Face

Prepping is not only an important move to keep your makeup intact but also a way to ensure that your skin is plump and moisturized. Rubbing an ice cube on your face for 15 minutes right after you cleanse will ensure that the makeup stays longer.

Apart from this, waterproof monsoon makeup look products may be more suitable. For example, a powder-based foundation stays for long in the humid season. Additionally, using a primer is very important for creating a smooth base for makeup. It also helps to absorb oil and sweat. In monsoons, a gel or powder primer may be an excellent choice.

Tip 2: Avoid Products With Liquid Formulations

No one loves blotchy foundation on the face. To end all your worries, a foundation stick is a solution. It offers a flawless finish to your makeup. Not to forget, to keep it minimal to avoid any cakey situation. Also, try to avoid heavy foundations. If you want to apply foundation, start with an astringent lotion first, using cotton wool.

Tip 3: Use Compact Powder over loose powder

Besides lasting longer, compact powder reduces the oily look. Ideal for touching up, compacts offer a refreshed skin.

Tip 4: Go for a light blush

One of the best makeup tips is to flaunt the natural look, with less blush-on. A faint flush would be ideal. Powder blushers are easier to apply and are excellent for humid weather. Start applying on the cheekbones and then proceed slightly below it.

Tip 5: Waterproof Eye Makeup Products Are A Yes

 Using waterproof eye makeup products like eyeliner, kohl, and mascara are recommended in monsoon to save your makeup from dripping away.

After spending your time and energy, you might have managed to find the best mascara that is just perfect! But, wait! If it is not waterproof, then leaking eye makeup is here to spoil your mood. Apply two coats of waterproof mascara. But, wait for a few minutes after applying the first coat.

To complete the makeup, apply a light color eye shadow over the eyelid and smear the crease of the eyes with a dark one. Apply a line of black eye kajal on your waterline to make your eyes look glamorous. Use brow gel to give your eyebrows the best look.

Tip 6: Invest In Transfer Proof Matte Lipsticks

Cream and Gloss lipstick is a big no during monsoon. The reason is that they bleed in the humid weather. So, it's time to invest in more transfer-proof matte liquid lipstick which is lightweight. Choosing a pink and nude palette is a choice for the season. Always apply a lip balm before applying a matte shade. You can also invest in transfer-proof transparent top coats.

For the lips, instead of too much gloss, frosted sheen, or glimmer seem good. A promising hack is to keep your lipsticks in the fridge during the rainy season.

Tip 7: Make Setting Spray Your Bestie

The most basic and important option for every makeup lover, setting sprays are an absolute must. Once you are done with your makeup, all you need to do is hold the bottle a bit away from your face and spray it on your face.


Hope now you know what monsoon makeup tips you have to follow before going out in the rainy season.


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