Dark Circles No More: Here’s How You Can Reduce Your Dark Circles

Dark Circles No More: Here’s How You Can Reduce Your Dark Circles

Pandas are adorable, right? However, not when you are beginning to look like one. Also, nowadays it's usually difficult to meet an individual who isn't facing this problem of accomplishing a healthy looking skin. Intensely aggravated by horrible sleeping schedules, Dark circles have started to seem like a permanent part of skin, also they seem to have zero plans for leaving us. 

Just the way we have different skin types. We have different types of dark circles as well! Thus, one approach to solve this problem might work for one skin but may not help other skin types.

The skin layers around the eyes are extremely sensitive, thin and delicate as compared to other body parts. Intense changes that happen underneath deeper layers of the skin starts to appear like a mirror on the outer surface of the skin. 

Here are a few steps to put a full stop on the appearance of your dull dark circles:

Tighten your sleep scheduleNetflix and binge, surely has robbed us of our peace and sleep with the anticipation that it creates with it’s content. But, it definitely takes a toll on our skin, as it might give us an adrenaline rush with its binge worthy content and make us watch it the entire night but it is making our skin look dull and pale. Our eye health deteriorates with the constant screen exposure and thus the muscles are weakened resulting in dark circles. Sleep schedule is surely something to be fixed right, as it is majorly contributing towards droopy dark circles. Make sure to pull in an 8 hour sleep ideally to fix your skin and give it  it’s due share of rest.

A right eye-care regime and sheet mask treatment can bid a bye to droopy dark circlesA little eye-care goes a long way! We are often mindful of taking care of our skin, however, we miss out on our eyes big time. So, having an eye-care regime is a must to have gorgeous looking eyes. Starting off with a regular CTM, we suggest using swiss beauty’s  anti-fatigue eye cream massager to de-stress your eye muscles. You can additionally use rose quartz roller to alleviate your de-stressing experience and give them eyes a relaxing treatment. Once in a week use Swiss beauty’s Eye-Patch to soothe and rejuvenate your eyes and . This practice will ensure a smooth blood flow and will allow the static blood lumps to move, thus resulting in less prominent dark circles.

Good old home remedies: The best solution is to apply a cold pack or a chilled tea bag. After all other options have been exhausted to bid goodbye to your stubborn dark circles, then, cooling a spoonful of tea in the freezer and applying to the trouble spots will do the trick. Grind potatoes and apply the paste around your darkened eye areas for 5-10 minutes. Repeat twice- thrice for seven days for recognizable outcomes. If you like composing your own stuff, blend a couple of drops of rose geranium, lavender and chamomile rejuvenating essential oils with coconut oil. Massage it gently under your eyes, to reduce your dark circles. Blend a mix of buttermilk and turmeric, apply it around darkened eyes and wash it off in the following 10 minutes with cold water for quick relief.

Determine the underlying cause and check if serum treatments can do the trickThe initial step is to decide if the dark circles are brought about by pigmentation or are caused by harm to your underlying capillaries. A basic stunt to differentiate is to press the skin under the eye. If the skin shading stays unaltered, it is pigmentation because of innate causes or sun exposure. If the skin tone lightens after applying pressure, it is because of harm caused to blood vessels.

The discoloration for the most part happens with brown or blackish shade, and can be treated by utilizing creams containing kojic corrosive, liquorice, niacinamide and Vitamin C. We suggest using Swiss Beauty's Vitamin C serum for best results.

These are some of the steps one should take in order to  bid goodbye to their dull dark circles.






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