CRAZE by Swiss Beauty - Redefining Versatility

CRAZE by Swiss Beauty - Redefining Versatility

Hustling through the day leaves no time for makeup? If you are this person, then CRAZE by Swiss Beauty is bound to become your bestie. In a world full of one-dimensional makeup products, CRAZE is a beacon of versatility. Our makeup products are designed to be multifunctional and a one-stop-shop for the go-getters and busy bees, juggling their everyday routine through internships, jobs, college classes, and the like.

What Does Multifunctionality Mean for CRAZE?

Nothing in the world, including makeup, should be unidirectional or one-toned. It is 2024 and we all deserve things with depth, purpose, and substance. Moreover, the fact that time has become a true-blue luxury for everyone further proves that bulky, chunky, and skin-deep makeup products do not hit the mark anymore.

We all are hustling and going the extra mile to excel in our respective fields, while still trying to look the best. But, mornings really don’t make the cut to do a full glam look. This is when multifunctional, versatile, and on-the-go makeup products come to the rescue. CRAZE by Swiss Beauty envisions a makeup world where multifunctionality and versatility rule. Just imagine, you pop in two products into your purse and are good to go for the day. Well, CRAZE makes this possible.

Versatile and Multifunctional Makeup Products - Just Like You

CRAZE Lip and Cheek Macaron

Flushed and luminous cheeks, a tinge of colour on the eyelids, and juicy lips - a combination made in heaven, isn’t it? Well, the Lip and Cheek Macaron by CRAZE offers you the best of both worlds. It has a creamy and cashmere-like texture that glides on your cheeks and lips and once set, stays put throughout the day.

Infused with Vitamin E and Olive Oil, this 3-in-1 makeup magician checks all the right boxes. Available in 5 amazing shades, you are sure to find a colour that tugs at your heartstrings. Just pop one of these cutesy lip-cheek macarons in your purse and look deliciously amazing all day long.

CRAZE Duo Lip Colour

One lipstick, two colours, and many looks - this is exactly what the CRAZE Duo Lip Colour offers. This two-in-one twistable lip crayon has a velvety satin finish that sets completely matte on your lips. With a 12-hour stay, weightless texture, and single-swipe coverage, these duo-toned lip crayons will not let you down. Wanna switch up your look from the day to the night? Simply swipe a lighter colour on your lips and change things up with a darker colour for the night.

CRAZE Eyeshadow and Blush

Meet the queen of functionality - the Eyeshadow and Blush Duo by CRAZE. This quirky and handy palette comes with four eyeshadow pans and a blush. So, eye makeup, flushed cheekiness, and all-day prettiness are all sorted. The eyeshadows come in both matte and shimmer shades and have an incredibly buttery formula that you can blend even with your fingertips. So, looking put together on the go gets so much easier. Available in three unique variants, the CRAZE Eyeshadow and Blush duo will become your on-the-go fave.

CRAZE Duo Mascara

Fluttery lashes are the one-stop solution to looking and feeling fabulous. But, getting fab lashes is easier said than done. Most of the time, it is a battle between length and volume, and we are forced to pick a side. But, not anymore, as the Duo Mascara by CRAZE provides both volume and length. This one-of-a-kind product comes with a dual-ended design, with one wand providing volume to your lashes, while the other provides length. With an innovative no-clump formula, your lashes look feathery and fluttery even after coats.

Key Takeaways: Catch the Craze of Multifunctionality

Bid adieu to makeup that is one-toned and sits on your vanity, only to be used once in a blue moon. It is time to steer clear of such habits and enjoy makeup that is specially designed to be your go-getter besties. CRAZE by Swiss Beauty presents before you a platter of products that are multi-dimensional, hustlers, and doers - just like you. So, catch the craze of multifunctionality and take the first step towards becoming a ‘trend star.’

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