Beat the Heat with Smudge Proof Make Up

Beat the Heat with Smudge Proof Make Up

Beat the Heat with Smudge Proof Make up –

Yay! Summer season is here. And we all are ready for pool parties, summer brunches by the beach, vacations, and much more fun. While summer is debatably the finest time of the year, keeping your makeup prim n proper while you are out is definitely not a child’s play.

We all know that summer is never an ideal season for wearing makeup. The unpredictable weather, humidity, hot breeze and sweat all leads to greasy, running makeup that feels like a waste of cherished products and time too.

Furthermore, residing in India and feeling the heat like we do is not marvelous at all. Even the driest skin can feel oily and it’s hard not to put into words how one’s feel.

But just because summers’ being difficult, it doesn’t mean your makeup has to suffer. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make sure your beauty masterwork stays in place. We mean summer-proofing your makeup, which has never been rudimentary, owing to the outstanding makeup products available and easy tips you need to follow.

Let’s begin!


1. Always start with a lightweight and clean base:

Be it summer or not, when prepping up for your makeup application, always begin with a clean and washed face. Use your favorite face cleanser and splash some cold water to get rid of all the excess oil and dirt from your skin to refresh your skin. Once done, pat your face dry and then apply some hydrating Swiss Beauty lightweight moisturizer to get clean and refresh skin


2. Use a matte primer for that shine and shimmery:

If you plan to wear a foundation while you head out, we suggest to use a matte primer before application, even if you’re not prone to greasy skin. Applying such a base will combat any shine and create a smooth canvas to help makeup stay on longer. Think of it as glue that keeps your makeup in place!


3. Use a matte concealer:

We know it’s difficult to stay away from foundation, especially when you’re looking to go full on glam. But we all know that using a heavy face foundation in a humid climate makes you appear pasty. Hence, a great substitute is long-lasting, full coverage concealer that can be applied over areas that need covering up. If you need additional coverage, layer a light tinted moisturizer and setting.


4. Foundation is your Boo:

If you still however want to go ahead with foundation, we suggest you opt for a lightweight, waterproof formula that is super long-lasting. There are many sweatproof foundations out there to choose from. But no matter which foundation you see, you must “set” it with a powder to keep it from melting off. Try opting for a mattifying compact that gives you a smooth matte finish that doesn’t look too ‘done’ whilst also absorbing surface shine and oil.


5. Use powder Blush:

Powder blush is always an ideal pick especially when you’re looking to glam up during summers. We say this because unlike other blushes, powder blush doesn’t just sit on your skin but settles onto it evenly. Moreover, it won’t melt away, thus saving you from that embarrassing rundown on your face.

However, if you still want to add some edge you can always use the powder blush to help you settle the blush on its place for longer.



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