AM – PM routine you should follow for a flawless skin

AM – PM routine you should follow for a flawless skin

AM – PM routine you should follow for a flawless skin

In a world overloaded with skincare products, be an enthusiast who never says no to learning. To follow a simple routine is simple but when you know it’s the essential one for your skin type, that’s when you can wait for the results. While acne, dry and sensitive skin can directly offer solutions to what you need to pay close attention to, combination skin type is quite playful and needs proper skincare.

For the unversed, a combination skin is a mix of both oily and dry skin. Thus, both cleansing and hydration are equally important. Look for dryness around the mouth area, on cheeks, and under eyes, a standard hub for dryness. The extra sebum can be a bit more in pandemic because the face mask easily collects sweat and may block your pores. The grease can be easily seen in your T-zone area.

Make note of a strict skincare routine that does a good job at balancing out the requirements of both day and night. Also, this can make tweaks with the right ingredients. Here’s what you can follow like a ritual every day.



Choose a foam-based cleanser enriched with antioxidants to remove dirt and oil from your skin. Remember, begin your day with a clean slate and end it in the same manner. Don’t allow your skin to become a breeding ground for bacteria because it clogs up your pores and leads to the formation of acne.


Toners can offer extended care of a cleanser to your skin. They help the skin to remain hydrated, and soothing and also balance PH levels. So, pamper your skin with a few drops of toner daily.


Forgetting about moisture is equal to heading out without a mask. Yes, moisturization is so very vital for your skin. Add a lightweight and oil-free moisturizer to the list of your skincare products and gently glide it on a cleansed face.


Sun is shining brightly and so your body should be protected with an SPF. Look for a non-oily formula and massage it on your body.


Micellar water

Remove all the makeup you had all day with cotton pads and micellar water.


Cleanse your face with a face wash. Then gently use your fingertips to massage it onto your skin. This will remove all traces of makeup and help your skin to breathe. Thereafter, you can use a night cream also.


Go for a serum enriched with BHA. Serums work to target and treat the woes raised by your skin such as enlarged pores, acne, uneven skin tone, and age spots to name a few. Just pat a drop of the serum onto your skin and do not over massage it.


Moisturization is quite important for healthy skin. Set your skin care routine with a formula that prevents the problems faced by combination skin types.

Pro tip: Treat your skin with hydrating and cleansing dose with clay masks or sheet masks for deep cleaning.


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