Ace your summer make-up look

Ace your summer make-up look

You may love it or hate it, yet you can't exactly get away from the OG summer heat. Also, assuming that you are somebody who loves make-up, the summer season is certainly the most loved season. Everything about summers is OTT, the looks, mangoes, and a super dewy make-up look is something that certainly everyone wants to don! 

Be that as it may, make-up tends to melt down due to scorching  heat, however embracing less is more can save you from the melt down. Who said you can't put on some pleasant make-up in summers? We have got you covered with OG make-up tips to save you from the heat for all the make-up loving ladies! Furthermore, we are certain you would cherish trying them all.

Simply use a concealer without any base product or foundation: Spending time in warm and sticky weather conditions will make your make-up look smudgy and eventually will start looking cakey. The climate and temperature is beyond your control. However, what you have some control over is your make-up. Utilize a concealer to cover scars and spots on your skin. It will simply blend with your complexion and surface, making you appear as though you are not wearing any make-up and will give a flawless looking natural skin. We suggest you use Swiss Beauty’s Liquid Concealer for the best results.

Sunscreen and tinted moisturizer: Seal your make-up base and concealer or with a tinted lotion / moisturizer or sunscreen. Sunscreen, as you could be aware of, is a fundamental product to be applied throughout the summer season. The tinted moisturizer however will go about as an establishment for the base and, surprisingly, your skin will look beyond brilliant! We suggest you use Swiss Beauty’s Sunscreen spray for optimal protection throughout the day.

Single color tone for the face: Use a single color shade to feature and highlight your face entirely including your cheeks, lips and eyelids. It won't just keep your pack light yet additionally give you a monochromatic look that turns out best for the summer season. We suggest you use Swiss Lip and Cheek tint, as this formula is well suited for summers and blends in like a dream. Also, it doesn’t get cakey on the skin, and gives a subtle flush of color to the face making it look ever radiant.

Waterproof make-up: Invest in great quality water-proof mascara and liner. We think you can deal with this summer season with only these make-up choices. Most amazing aspect, you will not need to worry about liner and mascara running over your face because of humidity levels. What's more, you will have smear-proof eyes. We suggest you explore Swiss Beauty’s Eye Make-up collection, as it is waterproof and gentle to your skin. 

Ditch the shimmer: Skip the shimmery make-up for this season. You can utilize a bronzer for a characteristic and neutral look. It additionally gives a sassy look of a tan. Bronzer tan looks are in trend and look exquisite on all skin types. It makes you look more splendid. Apply it on the high points of your face where the sun hits you. We likewise suggest you to use Swiss Beauty’s Ultra Blush Palette, which has a diverse shade range of pinks and browns that gives you a variety of options to highlight with whichever shade you love the most!

These are some of the tips that we believe will help you ace your summer make-up look.

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