7 Beauty Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Make-Up Looking Great All Day

7 Beauty Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Make-Up Looking Great All Day

As years pass by, we’ve seen Make-up trends swirl around three-sixty-degree with the dawn of every new year. So, what’s brimming on the horizon of 2022?

The shimmering answer  lies somewhere within an interesting mix of muted looks and audacious styles. Surely, we can’t obviously pen down a particular theme of 2022, it’s an intriguing bag of trends from muted base that sits perfectly onto the skin, to dramatic eye looks that can be seen from miles away. Whether you take up a natural look, or one that’s bold, current makeup trends of 2022 have something for every make-up enthusiast across the stretch. The raging trends of 2022  are also urging us to stick to our known make-up mantras, simultaneously giving us a push to step out of the box and try on unconventional styles and looks.

Below listed are the makeup trends that we predict are going to rage through 2022.

Luminate the faceMinimum is maximum! The only make-up mantra that has stuck for so long, and continues to evolve with dynamism. Base for make-up is one thing that has to be as smooth as butter for the make-up to sit on perfectly! With people becoming more aware of what their skin looks like, luminous bases are taking the top seat for an ultra chic look that it renders and enhances the entire look. Swiss Beauty’s Real make-up base highlighting primer would help you achieve flawless yet illuminating base, that you’ll carry like a boss!

 Leave the drama for mamaDramatic eyeliners have already been the talk of the town in recent times. But as new new year has stepped in, a lot of experiments around the same are being witnessed. From double winged liners to graphic ones, beauty enthusiasts are going all out to experiment with out of the box eye looks. These looks surely make you look all the way more youthful, and maintain your pace within the ultra booming make-up race. Swiss Beauty’s Glimmer Eye-liner, with their extremely smooth pigments, helps you create all the drama for those eyes!

 Soft Sculpt for the winHigh cheekbones, an uplifted face is surely a dream for everyone! But make-up that looks made up surely is a turn off! Soft contours are making their way in 2022, and are surely here to stay for long. As people want to bring their true features out and are focusing on enhancing them rather than making them appear something it isn’t. Soft sculpting, subtly gives an edge to your face and makes it appear it’s best self! The makeup looks more natural and renders the face with a tasteful look.

 Go bold or go homeWhat comes around, goes around, Right?! The 90s was the era donned completely by bold lip  liners, and yet again it's back to make its way on the top and reign! Bold lip liners truly revamp the entire look of the face, and make it pop out. Lips are one of the most definitive features of the faces and if highlighted rightly, it gives your face a new edge altogether. Swiss Beauty’s bold matte lip liner set has varied shades, which gives you the liberty to go all out and experiment with your looks.

 Brow baby browBrows are one element that has witnessed the most amount of dynamism till date! From going as sleek as possible in the 90s, to making a bold statement with it in the 20s, they’re a rage totally! Currently, in 2022 the brow game is making the rules again, wherein setting them is what truly makes a mark! Swiss Beauty’s eye brow styling gel, is a product you need to invest in to notch up your brow game for 2022.

These are certain looks that we look forward to making their place in 2022 make-up history! Try them and on, and let your true beauty stand out and about!

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