Swiss Beauty Craze - The Ultimate Gen-Z Makeup Brand

Swiss Beauty Craze - The Ultimate Gen-Z Makeup Brand

Beauty is more than skin deep and no generation understands it better than the Gen Zs (Zoomers). Authenticity, transparency, diversity and inclusivity are the ethos that Gen Zs live by, even while choosing makeup products. Of course, the quirkiness, the fun, and the multi-functionality are also a part of the deal; but they are not premised on a hollow bedrock. But, how do you find a brand that caters to this Gen Z energy? Well, look no further than CRAZE by Swiss Beauty - an innovative and ever-evolving makeup brand that checks all the right boxes - fun, functionality, and versatility.

So, what's the buzz all about? Well, let me spill the tea on why Swiss Beauty Craze is becoming the go-to for trendsetting Gen Z's everywhere.

CRAZE is Expression

Makeup has no rules and Gen Z truly is a testament to this statement. With a range of quirky, trending, and multifunctional products, this brand empowers individuals to embrace their uniqueness and amplify their personal style. Whether you're a college newbie or hustling through the internship life, or an influencer making waves online, Craze celebrates your passion, your story, and your magic.

CRAZE is Functional

One of the key pillars of Craze is its commitment to functionality. Our products are designed for on-the-go individuals who want performance-powered products with versatility. From multi-functional eyeliners to two-in-one lip colours, Craze offers diverse solutions that effortlessly transition from day to night. And the best part? It's affordable yet high in quality, you can achieve that Instagram-worthy look without breaking the bank.

CRAZE is Fun

Can we take a moment to appreciate the playful packaging of CRAZE. We have added a splash of fun and vibrancy to every aspect of its brand, starting with its playful packaging. With colourful, poppy designs that reflect the brand's youthful spirit, each product is designed to give off main character energy. From bold eyeliners to whimsy lip and cheek macarons, Craze adds a touch of joy to your makeup routine.

CRAZE is Multifunctional

The Craze Collection isn't just about looking good; it's about making life easier. All the products of CRAZE serve more than a purpose. The Eyeliner with Stamp Duo comes with an eyeliner at one end and a stamp on the other end, making it easy for people to transform their look with ease in no time. The Lip & Cheek Macaron can be used on lips, eyes, and cheeks. Mix and match and create your boujee makeup looks in a jiffy!

The Ultimate Range:

Let's talk about its collection.

The Swiss Beauty Craze range boasts an impressive lineup of products across three key categories: Eyes, Lips, and Face.

Eye Category:Want to perfect the winged eyeliner but without the hassle of handy precision? Reach out for the Eyeliner and Stamp Duo. It’s unique design and silhouette ensures that creating a winged liner is easy-peasy and you can slay all day. If you want to create dazzling eye looks, the Two-In-One Eyeshadow Blush will, definitely, become your go-to. Last, how can one forget those lengthy and voluminous lashes. The Duo Mascara is the one-stop shop for big lash energy!

Lips Category: Want a soft flush of colour? The Lip & Cheek Macaron adds a natural colour to your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Struggling between the shades of lip colour just like in your love life? This Two-in-One Lip Colour gives you a chance to experiment with two colours for the price of one. When not in the mood, go light, just like Tinted Lip Balm. Juicy, plumed and moisturised lips with just one swipe.

Face Category:Pore Minimising Primer and Makeup setting spray to keep your look locked in all day long. So, you can put your freshest face forward.

From lip balms to makeup setting sprays, Craze has everything you need to rock your look.

Swiss Beauty CRAZE Mantra:

Don't Just Be a Star, Be a Trend Star!

At Swiss Beauty Craze, the mantra is clear: don’t just follow trends, set them. So, why blend in when you were born to stand out? Let the CRAZEy side of yours take centre stage with the Swiss Beauty Craze Collection.

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